FIFA 12 Hands-On Preview (Dealspwn)

Dealspwn: 'I've been playing rolling matches of FIFA 12 for the best part of two hours now and something odd is happening. I've seen it happen before in the past ninety minutes, but now it's getting a bit ridiculous. The ball has come to a complete standstill and is simply sitting in the middle of the field, daringly lounging about in open play and none of the players can do a thing about it...because they've all fallen over into a giant comical heap.

It would appear we've found something of a bug. True, the new collision system, or Impact Engine as EA Sports insist upon calling it, has caused some deliciously replayable tackles, but at the moment players earning more than God are falling over with as much abandon as Austin Powers on a circular bed. We're all for emergent gameplay, but the slapstick is occasionally a little irritating.

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