The Real Story Behind the MLG Pro Circuit Controller

Now that the (Mad) Cat(z) is out of the bag, we wanted to take some time to clarify a few things and really explain all of the awesome features that are going to make this controller the only one you will ever need.

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BakedGoods2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Why isn't the PS3 controller wireless?

I know MS owns their wireless controller tech. and purposely prevents 3rd parties from making wireless controllers. But the PS3 uses Bluetooth, so why can't the MLGPCC?

Adexus2336d ago

Because it's MLG I'm assuming they're using wired just because there is less lag which is always the way to go.

BakedGoods2336d ago

Ah, the latency issue.

In an imaginary world, if Mad Catz were to include a wireless component *and* a detachable wire--I'd day one this thing.

SJPFTW2336d ago

your obviously not 'pro' so this controller isn't intended for you. ask yourself what MLG player uses a wireless controller? exactly none

gamingdroid2336d ago

I would hate to run out of battery or have wireless interference in the middle of an important match....

vikingland12336d ago

Sounds amazing to me I hope it's as good as they make it sound.

jib2336d ago

anyone happen to know if it'll also work on pc? kinda like the 360 controllers

Solans Scott2336d ago

Will wait for the reviews. If this is going to be the most expensive controller I have ever purchased then I and expecting a quality product. No dead zones nor malfunctioning buttons.

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