Diablo III Site Launched

Blizzard Entertainment has officially launched a new website for Diablo III. The website can be found at and is part of Blizzard's new

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Simco8762668d ago

I want to love this game, but with all the negative things that have surfaced its hard.

I loved Diablo and Diablo II

sirdrake2668d ago

Negative things like people complaining? If you want to love the game. Love the game. I do, i cant wait for it to come out.
It wont disappoint, blizzard is good at what they do and a little faith is all thats necessary until we get our hands on it.

Dylken2668d ago

I know where he's coming from. While i'm sure it will be a great game, but with it being so different from diablo 2, as a very hardcore fan of that game it is hard to commit. I will miss skill points, rune words, and stat points just to name a few changes. it's not hard to understand what he's feeling.

sirdrake2667d ago

That's fair. I think the stat points is something I will miss the least though, because in the end all you want to do is get to lvl 30 to get that last skill, and then from there you just dumping into the same spell/skill. The only difference now is there will be no "clicking" to add to the skill. It will improve with each level up in the same fashion as D2. You just won't tell it to.
Some of the changes I totally understand people's frustration, others I think are welcome changes to something that may feel a little dated if they weren't changed.
Otherwise we would be getting D2.5

WeedyOne2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

It does seem sometimes, given all the changes, that they are catering to WOW players more than the true Diablo fans.... They even took out all the pentagrams and crosses from the game... I mean a paladins shield should have a freaking cross on it, not some stupid symbol that means nothing.

Marugo2667d ago

so hyped before, but o well good game n_n