Delays Galore - Star Wars Kinect, Tropico 4, PES Demo

A look at today's bad news all revolving around that one dreadful word. Including the exclusive announcement of a Tropico 4 delay.

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Michael-Jackson2640d ago

Not surprised because early gameplay footage was scripted and performed badly/lag issues like most Kinect games.

Raven_Nomad2640d ago

This is the same comment you left in another Kinect thread. Why so angry at Kinect? it's obvious you don't own one, so why complain about it?

I'd be expecting more delays soon. Games just don't want to go up against the likes of COD MW3. It happens every year. I wouldn't be surprised if Saints Row The Third, LOTRWITN and another game or two delay into next year.

rdgneoz32640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

He may not have a Kinect (no clue if he does or doesn't), but it doesn't mean the demos they first did for it was scripted.

Edit: With the number of great games coming out this time of year, a few delays will help our wallets out.

DevilishSix2640d ago

I can't see Kinect Star Wars turning out good. Far to laggy and on rails. Some games have good ideas, but get cancelled because of poor design, Star Wars Kinect seems like one of those type games, but instead of cancelling it they are trying like crazy to hammer it out. All I will say is that you can only polish a turd so much and it's still a turd.