Starhawk Space Battles at PAX, MLG and more

Harvard Bonin, Senior Producer at SCEA, writes:

"It has been a wild and crazy few months since we announced in May. E3s, Comic-Con, Gamescom…and now PAX and MLG! It has really been an incredibly exciting time for us and we truly appreciate all of your support. We announced the title back on May 5th at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX, and it’s been a sweet ride ever since!"

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BobbyMcCOOL2646d ago

This is awesome news.... Most original game to release in years. Cant wait to play the full version.

king dong2646d ago

flying things that transform into walking things... oh yes, day one!!!!

man that looked good.

Panthers2646d ago

That looks freaking sick. Honestly the first video Ive seen of this game. WOW! I was just assuming Warhawk in space, but this seems so much cooler.

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