Day-one DLC: 5 Rules for a good Online Pass (or fail)

Too many people are turning the Online Pass model of day-one DLC into something worthy of revulsion. Here's how to stay on the straight and narrow.

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Sadie21002667d ago

Yes, finally...I totally agree. I can't blame the publishers for doing online passes. How can people get upset over that? It's a game maker's right to protect their profits. It's not greedy at all.

choadley2667d ago

The copy of MK I rented came with the online pass still inside the case. I felt guilty about using it though.

Vortex3D2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

I asked Blockbuster stores in the past about the 1st person to rent each copy of the game gets a free online pass code while the rest of the renters don't. But the store has no idea what I was talking about.

As for MK, they left the code card in the rental copy? Whoever packs the games for rental really doesn't know about online pass is one account use only.