GameStop Pulled, Discarded Free OnLive Deus Ex: Human Revolution Coupons

GameSpy: "Yesterday cloud gaming company OnLive and publisher Square Enix announced a Deus Ex: Human Revolution launch promotion that included a free OnLive version of the game with all PC retail copies. However, mega retailer GameStop did not want to take part in the promo and took steps to make sure its customers wouldn't either.

We received reports from a handful of GameStop customers claiming that their new PC boxed copies of DXHR were opened and the OnLive codes were missing. We also received evidence from an anonymous tipster suggesting that it was GameStop management that made the decision to physcially remove the OnLive codes from its PC copies of the game."

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Otheros002669d ago

What? You can't sell things that are free. Gamestop robbing people again.

despair2669d ago

they're not selling it, they just don't want us getting it as its for their competition and that's just as bad.

So they open the boxes and take it out, there must be something wrong with that right? Plus I doubt they told the customers when they bought their copies so that's also bad.

Otheros002669d ago

When you buy new games you get everything that comes in the box and is labeled on the cover. When something is taken out from the box it is no longer considered new.

Gamer_Z2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )


Yeah but that doesn't stop Gamestop from selling it like it was new.

Da One2669d ago

dear gamestop............f*** you

ZugZug II2669d ago

I'm boycotting gamestop. Thats non of there business to do that.

Pro_TactX2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

I boycotted GameStop a long time ago. I have not stepped foot in one for about a 18 months now.

Cablephish2669d ago

Good for you GameStops Anonymous.

I've never heard of something like this happen, and it's a damn shame. It's a free coupon for OnLive, so why how is that affecting GameStop? They're still selling the product and making their money off of it aren't they? Oh well, not against GameStop, considering I haven't been screwed over yet, but I do look down on what they have done. Bad GameStop!

radphil2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

Despite the anti-gamestop comments that are shown, and much more to come, legally I think they're able to do this.

Doesn't stop it from being a jerk move.

Plus it's funny to see people just go "screw GS", as if they read this site, let alone know it exists. :p

UltimateIdiot9112669d ago

I haven't bought anything from a Gamestop since 2008 except the limited edition MGS:PW only at Gamestop.

I plan to keep this up. It's quite easy when there are so many stores that sell their games for cheap.

radphil2669d ago

Oh I don't mind the dislike for the company, as I do myself. I just find it funny when you see someone say "Screw you gamestop!", as if they were listening in or something :p

UltimateIdiot9112669d ago

Meh. Taken some steam off on the internet I guess. I choose to show them by keeping my wallet away from them since the day they screw me over on my preorder.

zack612669d ago

This is unacceptable.

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The story is too old to be commented.