An hour with Kirby Returns to Dreamland

GameXplain Says: "Nintendo invited us to their San Francisco office a few weeks ago to play through an hour of Kirby Returns to Dreamland. Unlike last year’s Epic Yarn, Returns to Dreamland returns to the classic style of Kirby gameplay, where inhaling enemies and copying their powers is the name of the game. Only this this, in a Kirby-first, you can power through the adventure together with up to three other friends (Epic Yarn topped out at 2-people), similar to New Super Mario Bros Wii."

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Dash Reindeer2643d ago

This game is looking awesome

LionheartAce2643d ago

Looks like someone hates Kirby. *points at the disagrees*

Yes, it looks good though. I've been wanting something closer to Super Star for a while.

bearsfaan2643d ago

I love Kirby! Can't wait for this!

mcnablejr2643d ago

huge, HUGE, plastic chins

Eternalb2643d ago

I played it at E3 at instantly felt the side-scrolling Smash Bros. vibe.