Final Fantasy XIII-2's Serah, Noel and Moogle Detailed by Character Designers

Famitsu's preview of Final Fantasy XIII-2 this week includes a discussion from character designers Yusuke Naora and Toshitaka Matsuda.

Naora discussed his work on main characters Noel and Serah. For Noel, he gave the character light clothing because he's a hunter, but he made sure that the clothing wouldn't make him look too delicate. He also minded some of the details like making Noel's hip bag hold a hunters knife. For the characters's dual swords, he used a color from Yoshitaka Amano's Final Fantasy 3 illustration work.

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Agent_hitman2665d ago

This will sell more on PS3, because most of the fans of this series are on PS...

I remember when Microsh!t ironically said that FF13 will sell more on 360 last year, but the those idiots were wrong.. their forecast is FAIL!...

MS should leave this IP alone.. they don't deserve this game..

Hicken2665d ago

Agreed. I don't really have a problem with it being on 360, but only a fool wouldn't be able to see that the game suffered last time around. At the least, don't shoot for a forced simultaneous release, and let the game be made to its utmost on each system.