Resistance 3: Insomniac Explains Drop From 64 to 16 Online Players

NowGamer: Insomniac defends decision to cut multiplayer numbers.

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pixelsword2300d ago (Edited 2300d ago )


The one company that could have matched MAG's numbers for online, and they went down... Well, at any rate, at least the online is fun.

Miiikeyyy2300d ago

Maybes they did it just to show off how many players they could have on one match. R2 was the first game on consoles to have 64 players. MAG is the only game on consoles to reach 256.

dangert122300d ago

I think resistance 3 got a little messy with a full player count always prefered the small games uno with all the sci fi weaponary all over the place

InNomeDiDio2300d ago

Resistance 3 is technically on a higher level than MAG. Also the Gameplay is different. And still MAG looks good for this amount of Players.

gw4k2300d ago

Good deal! The graphics with 64 players was AWFUL!

The_KELRaTH2300d ago

Well if the beta is anything to go by then 16 players is about right for those tiny maps.
I would have thought it wiser to just offer differing game modes to accommodate differing player count.

KwietStorm2300d ago

That's what I've said, and that's basically what R2 was. I never understood people complaining about 60 man matches in R2 when you could easily filter out that option. It also sucks not having the coop mode either.

thehitman2300d ago

I thought the 40 player was perfect in Res:FOM. Maybe the higher textures make it less possible.

Buho2300d ago

40 Player breach matches in Resistance:Fall Of Man were so much fun! 60 Players in Resistance 2 was too crazy! I think 40 is the magic number.

admiralthrawn872300d ago

i love it. i love the more personal battles that happen with 16 players. huge numbers is fun and all, but its the games with 24 or less where i feel people can master the maps and the finer details of the game.

Shojin12300d ago

How do you explain to a fan base that is accustomed to over 40 players online that you have went to 16... You cant. Hopefully there is co-op to make up for this dramatic drop.

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The story is too old to be commented.