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Submitted by Chrysis 1559d ago | news

Forza 4 chief has sly dig at Gran Turismo 5

Every car in Forza Motorsport 4 has been treated with equal care and attention, creative director Dan Greenawalt boasted during a gamescom demonstration last week.

"What, hopefully, you're seeing here is the cockpit of this car. Now, all of the cars in Forza 4 have cockpits; they all take damage, they all can be tuned, customised and upgraded," said Greenawalt. "That's because we treat every car with the same level of love and respect, regardless of what car it is." (Forza Motorsport 4, Xbox 360)

fluffydelusions  +   1559d ago
Paranoid much?
Rattlehead20  +   1559d ago
No, it's not paranoia. Many companies take little digs at their rivals...It's like a form of marketing.

Do you expect him to say "Gran Turismo is a much better game than Forza, we just can't compete"?
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   1559d ago
Garbage journalism!
SixShotCop  +   1559d ago
Do you expect him to say "Gran Turismo is a much better game than Forza, we just can't compete"?

Now why would Turn 10 even consider stating such a thing. We all know that Forza murders GT in every way possible. It's only the GT cling-on's and PS fanboys that would think otherwise.

Honestly, I'm not sure how it was possible for PD to make such a boring and unfinished game but they managed and passed with flying colors.
vsr  +   1559d ago
"All cars treated equally" - Please show with examples and proof ( No talking)

you cant! Better luck next time turn10
RumbleFish  +   1558d ago
@JerryKurl: You seem to be the fanboy here or maybe you play Forza and GT5 with your controller and not with a good racing wheel.
Gray-Fox-Type0  +   1559d ago
nicely said, i wouldn't want normal cars and premuim cars and that was a huge dissapointment factor of a certain game. Forza has set the standards to high for racing sims. Forza 4 will deliver once again, highest rated racing game this gen.
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TBM   1559d ago | Trolling | show
dark-hollow  +   1559d ago
Am pretty sure the same can be said for killzone
TBM  +   1559d ago
I do not care what this douche bag developer says when they disrespect me as a person who loves watching racing Le Mans, F1, Touring, and to see them alter the real world courses just to make it easier for people to play on.

I mean the nurburgring in the forza games are a complete and utter joke. I couldn't believe how they didn't represent it faithly enough. To me it was a slap in the face and I refuse to support something this disrespect a sport that I love.
MOTY  +   1559d ago
LOL what an amazingly lame excuse to hate on Forza and the Turn 10 team.

How about not having the proper interior's of over 800 cars in GT5? How about not having any damage taken when guys ram into you going around the final turn which takes you out of a race leaving them in the position to win?

How about having almost ZERO customization mechanically and physically for ANY of the cars in GT5?

But yet you want to make it seem like it's a serious slap in your face because on the nurburgring track, the road was widened ever so slighty by a foot.

Get off it. The issues in GT5 hold a heck of a lot more impact on the realities of racing than a track getting a widening of a foot.


"It should be called racing for dummies instead of forza"

Wrong like usual. Racing for dummies is when the dummy can ram into other players or drive into a guard rail and not suffer any consequences for his/her actions. That is why in Forza, you can reduce the hardcore settings so that the casuals can play at a "dummy" level. However in GT5, regardless of your skill level, you are ALWAYS playing at a "dummy" level. Lack of consequences in a "sim" is NOT a "sim".
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kaveti6616  +   1559d ago
I hope it was like a slap in the face. After reading this stupid comment, nothing would make me happier than to know you're being hurt in some way.

These are video games, they're not your life.

Suddenly everyone feels so damn entitled to perfection.

Polyphony Digital didn't come close to perfecting a perfect game.

Why are you angry that Turn 10 also failed to reach the mark of perfection?

Big deal, they widened the track on purpose. That means after a lot of playtesting they must have made that decision for a reason.

Why did Polyphony talk so much about how thorough they were being with their vehicle recreations when they were going to have 800 cars filled with jaggies and no interiors?
-LUKE_SKYWALKER-  +   1558d ago
TBM give it up already as your envy towards Forza has been acknowledged.

We get it you love GT and hate Forza.
CleanUP-CharliE  +   1559d ago
This is the only 360 gave that i would like to have.

I have GT5 and a driving wheel, the DFGT, but it's not compatible with the 360. I wish it was.. I would buy the Slim 360 and Forza 4 right away. The Fanatec wheel that's compatible with the 360 costs another $250.

Having played GT5 for hours on end, i can honestly say that i expected a better game. I bet Forza graphics are going to run smoother.. in GT5 i see way to much screen tearing and blocky shadows. Standard cars come directly from GT4 (never expected that).

That's the problem when you design a game that wants to capture everything, instead of focusing on certain things which would make it better.

Competition can only make games better, so i hope Yamauchi plays Forza 4 and learns something from it.

evilunklebud  +   1559d ago
Can't wait for this one.... hope it builds on FM3, which was great.
ironwolf  +   1559d ago
It does. And some of your Forza 3 data is importable.
otherZinc  +   1559d ago
Dude please. Forza 3 already had everything that guy talked about. Forza 3 had the Polyphony devs playing & taking notes on Forza 3 last year at E3.

To the non blind, GT has already been smashed!, Period! Also, the non blind know GT was released incomplete & littered broadband with patches & updates. Some of you guys need to wake up & demand better!

LOL, you tell-em!
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theonlylolking  +   1559d ago
I dont think he knows this but granturismo is still more realistic thanks to its physics and care about how REAL the cars DRIVE.

Pretty cars are nice to look at but when you are racing in a game that calls themselves a sim then it should drive like in real life or at least very close to real life.
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gamingisnotacrime  +   1559d ago
GT5 has the best racing physics around
but the game is not packaged well
squallheart  +   1559d ago
Yeah that issue is mostly due to people complaining about when it was going to be released. It felt like it needed 6 more months of development but that doesnt matter because the developer is releasing constant updates and evolving it. I love this game and its the only racing game i play. The only disappointing part is when playing nascar with two players its only those two cars on the track :/ doesnt feel like the old nascar games i used to play.
bumnut  +   1559d ago
Best racing physics around? The comical handling of the lotus elise (one of the finest handling cars ever created) suggests its not.
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kingdoms   1559d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
iistuii  +   1559d ago
They are games. I've been round on track days in a Porsche & a Ferrari, and you scream round a corner at 60 mph, then reach 140 mph on a straight in one of these babies then go do it on your force feedback wheel, then you'll realise what im on about. It makes me laugh how you all go on about how realistic these games are and yet you wouldnt know as youve never even driven a super car. These are great games, great fun. I can't wait for Forza 4, its looking great., but this nor GT5 are real
ironwolf  +   1559d ago
According to the previewers, that will all be changing in about 6 weeks.

And agreeing with iistuii; I've been around the Nordschliess many times in small sports cars and an american muscle car, I spent ten years driving in hill climbs and time rallies, and NONE of these games have it exactly right. They are getting better, but they all have far to go.
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death2smoochie  +   1559d ago
"but granturismo is still more realistic thanks to its physics and care about how REAL the cars DRIVE...."

Then theonlyking you never drove one of these cars or any car then.
THESE ARE GAMES. Whenever I hear someone say,

"GT...or Forza ETC...has physics and drives like real cars..."

I laugh. I really do.

I own a 2009 Audi RS4 and let me tell you RIGHT now that Forza NOR GT of that version of my Audio drives the same. It's not even CLOSE.
It's laughable when people say the physics are the same or close to real life.
When I hear this I can bet the entire farm if I had one that they NEVER drove ANY of those cars at certain speeds or on challenging roads.
If you want to parrot what the PR people from Turn 10 and PD tell you, then go with God with that.
People who drive and or drove those cars and played these GAMES, know the difference.

Driving my Audi across Canada last year on the Trans Canada Highway to British Columbia through the Frazier Valley and other parts of the mountain roads and I can tell you right now GT physics are NOT the same.
Zechs34  +   1559d ago
Yeah?!?! Damn you're cool! Check this though...

I drove my 09 GTR Spec V around on the Nurburg and guess what? It did drive just like my set up for GT5.

Gtfo with that. You're saying the way YOU drive YOUR car is different than the way VIDEO GAMES portray it...

Maybe you have a heavy foot, maybe u have abs off, maybe you use different tires. There are a million variables to this equation. So unless Forza and GT hire the same drivers and cars and make the games side by side, nobody here should talk...

This is N4G, nobody is ugly and fat, everyone has what the other doesn't, everyone has porsches and audis and GTR, and all the girlfriends and wives look like models and of course the Wii doesn't exist. Pathetic.
thesummerofgeorge  +   1559d ago

To be fair though, the Wii does in fact, not exist....
dark-hollow  +   1559d ago
And turn 10 doesn't care about how REAL cars DRIVE too???

You even go that far and say forza is an arcade racer in your comment history.
MrDead  +   1559d ago
Just when I thought this couldn't get any more pathetic n4g has taken it to a new low. Its impossible to explain to the children on this site the huge differences between these games they would rather just argue because they look similar and are exclusive to different systems.

This story should hit No.1 in not time
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Rattlehead20  +   1559d ago
I agree. I think the majority of users on this site are between the ages of 12 and 16.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1559d ago
Awww here it goes....

*puts tape in and presses play*
death2smoochie  +   1559d ago
"What, hopefully, you're seeing here is the cockpit of this car. Now, all of the cars in Forza 4 have cockpits; they all take damage, they all can be tuned, customised and upgraded," said Greenawalt. "That's because we treat every car with the same level of love and respect, regardless of what car it is."

That is a dig at GT5 make no mistake about that...It's the truth however unfortunately.
I think Forza developers need to dial it down a notch because it's getting tiring now hearing them.

Yes, this is a business and it's marketing and what they just stated is truth in direct comparison to its direct competitor, but do we really need to hear it multiple times from them?
ironwolf  +   1559d ago
Why not? Business is business, and as they say "If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen".
radphil  +   1559d ago
"That's because we treat every car with the same level of love and respect, regardless of what car it is."

I somehow doubt that. There's going to be one brand or another make that they dislike. :p
elondonred  +   1559d ago
I love polyphony digital, they just get on with what they do. Other companies always comparing their games to gt5.
Zechs34   1559d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
MOTY  +   1559d ago
Funny, I was watching the Video where that quote came from and right away picked up on the dig.

However it's true though. What Dan said is 100% true. If you disagree then show me 800 standard cars in GT5 that all look like the 200 premium cars. You can't. Now it's not PD's fault. Do mistaken that. It's Sony's fault. Sony pushed to have more cars. Sony pushed to force 3D into GT5. Sony also gave the OK for the release of GT5. Had Sony not done that, then GT5 would have released with 200+ premium cars and Dan wouldn't be able to make that comment.

However, the rest of Dan's comment is also correct. All cars in Forza take mechanical and physical damage. GT5 doesn't. All cars can have magnitudes of total mechanical and physical customizations and tunings. GT5 doesn't. Both games have their advantages and disadvantages...however Forza just has less of them than GT5 does simply becuase GT5 was released as an unfinsished game and PD didn't have the scope as to what Turn 10 does in what they are putting into the game.

It is what it is, and Forza has been the new king of sim racing on consoles since Forza on the Xbox was released.
MrDead  +   1559d ago
Wow your posts have got to be some of the greatest pieces of fiction I've read in n4g's comment section. I could endlessly list everything thats wrong with your little rants but it would just fall on deaf ears and I dont like to discourage children from being creative. Looking forward to your future posts.
StrongMan  +   1559d ago
These guys want GT5 sales so bad it eats away at their soul. Forza 4 will be great Turn 10 but just focus on your game and not GT5.
btk  +   1559d ago
Seems like Forza is getting better. This will push PD for more for GT6. Competition is good.
FordGTGuy  +   1559d ago
You guys are fucking asinine for one,

"What, hopefully, you're seeing here is the cockpit of this car. Now, all of the cars in Forza 4 have cockpits; they all take damage, they all can be tuned, customised and upgraded," said Greenawalt. "That's because we treat every car with the same level of love and respect, regardless of what car it is."

He doesn't mention the name Gran Turismo even once in the quote or even singles out Gran Turismo. Also Gran Turismo is their main competitor if this was directed toward Gran Turismo I see no problem with it. He didn't lie and he is telling the truth....

Also to you guys boasting about sales....

I guess you like Justin Beiber and Jersey Shore huh?
Dlacy13g  +   1559d ago
GT5 defense force to the rescue! Seriously... we are now going to take every comment made and make an article out of it? He makes a blanket statement about the quality of all cars in the game and this author takes it has a "sly dig" on GT5? My opinion, this wouldn't be an issue had a certain developer just made a game in which all the cars in it had the same high level of quality through and through and not half ass 800 cars out of a 1000. But that is just my opinion.
LNDCalling  +   1559d ago
I really don't think people realise the lengths PD go too to get realism into GT and the cars particularly and I mean as in mm accuracy on the cars and including fine details like handling, breaking, suspension, sound, lights.

Other dev's may make racing sims with great looking cars.. fair enough.. but does their love of the cars themselves drive them to attain such detail as Kazunori Yamauchi's does for GT?

This is what makes GT the definitive racing sim.. especially amongst car lovers.
FordGTGuy  +   1559d ago
Turn 10 put in as much effort if not more effort to make their cars true to life. With only around 500+ cars in Forza 4 they have dynoed over 1000+ cars and have gone to Jay Leno to even dyno a car that is completely unique.

Turn 10 does not play around with this and have said over and over that they are trying their best to be true to life to every car in the game.

I'm sorry but you can't say PD put all they can into the cars, not after what we saw with Gran Turismo 5 with only 200 premium cars.
-LUKE_SKYWALKER-  +   1558d ago
FordGTGuy - Well said.

Read a couple of interviews with those guys at turn10 and they love what they do with a passion.

@ LND If your going to come into a Forza article and boast about PD then at least acknowledge the fact that Turn 10 is just as passionate about cars,games and fan support as PD
LNDCalling  +   1558d ago
Who at Turn 10 has proclaimed their love of cars from aged 3, years before they even knew what a games console was?

Of course Turn 10 are going to say that, they're making games with cars in and are in competition with PD!

The proof is in the puding so i'll believe you when I know as many people, as I do now for PS3, who will buy an XBox for multiple generations for ONLY one game!
FordGTGuy  +   1558d ago

A lot of them have proclaimed their car love since a early age, you know Polyphony isn't the only developer with car lovers.

In fact the Turn 10 team are big fans of other racing games also including Gran Turismo.....

"The proof is in the puding so i'll believe you when I know as many people, as I do now for PS3, who will buy an XBox for multiple generations for ONLY one game!"

It's pretty clear most of GT5 sales were from people who played the older versions of the game, back then the game was much more consistent. If the proof is in the pudding, well GT5 is one inconsistent pudding.
#14.1.3 (Edited 1558d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
LNDCalling  +   1553d ago

Well I can't deny your enthusiasm, maybe I'll even look into Forza a bit more! :D

lol at inconsistent pudding!.. GT5 wasn't perfect and in a way I wish PD had kept to their roots rather than try to appeal to a wider 'generic' audience!
jasoncps  +   1559d ago
I would normally be leading the GT5 defense here, but even I can admit PD dropped the ball in a number of ways in GT5. There is no one more disappointed by that than I. I have been a GT fan since the beginning.

The whole interface is terrible. It's slow and requires way too much loading to do simple things. Some of the updates have remedied some of it's quirks, but anything short of a complete overhaul is not going to cut it.

There are not enough tracks, not by a long shot. What happened to all the excellent tracks from GT4 that were left out?

The randomly generated rally "stages" are a joke, very poorly executed and should have been left out. Bring back the rally courses from GT4.

The screen tearing and low poly environments are a huge letdown. The screen tearing is not always there, but there enough that it's unacceptable. There is nothing worse than screen tearing.

Only 200 premium cars with cockpit view is by far the biggest letdown. Instead of 1000 cars and 200 premium, give us 500 cars and 400 or 500 premium.

B-Spec is a complete throw away and should have never been developed. Spend that time and resource on improving the core GT simulator and graphics.

I can go on and on with a few more complaints but we all know about them already. GT5, at it's core, is fantastic. It just needs more focused content, a more polished graphics engine, and a far better/faster interface.

I don't blame the Forza devs for taking advantage of the opportunity afforded to them by PD.
#15 (Edited 1559d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
hello1   1559d ago | Spam
Ulf  +   1559d ago
If you only have a couple hundred cars, you can probably afford to make them all "premium". Then, you can say "all our cars are premium", because you don't bother to include the 800+ cars that you competition has over you, at all.
Dlacy13g  +   1559d ago really are trying to argue the value of the 800 "standard" cars of GT5 being worthy of that game? GT5 would have been 100% better had they just gone with the 200 premium cars they have and scrap the 800 other standard " I don't care about these cars " cars.
ironwolf  +   1559d ago
And you might note that Forza will have 500+ cars. All "Premium". But for Forza they aren't really "Premium" they're just normal. They didn't pack the game with cars from the last gen.
kingslayer1000  +   1558d ago
you get twice the amount of cars in gt5 for the same price as forza
xtremegamerage  +   1558d ago

I do agree with some of your arguments concerning GT5, B-spec, it's ok in a sense and you get to earn money to buy cars.

As for environments, mainly tree's tbh, city wise it's impressive in most ways, GT5 still commands the best lighting found in any racing game ever made, has the best smoke fx ever done in any genre. Tree's are poor, textures should have been better.

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