Black Ops Patch 1.12 Live on PS3

Patch 1.12 went live on the PS3 and it includes improvements to the spawn system and fixes 3 exploits in the game.

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Dart892434d ago

Lol they add new playlists yet they can't fix the shitty hit detection on the ps3 version>_<.

StanLee2434d ago

I always hear bitching and moaning about the PS3 version of Black Ops but when I'm online playing on the PS3 there's 120K people playing and enjoying the game. Go figure.

Joe29112434d ago

There was half a million on over the weekend.

And I struggle to find the issues, I have experienced freezing, but simply cleaning the disc solves the problem.

Hit detection really? Or maybe you just can't aim.

Motorola2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

I played PS3 and Xbox version on same connection, the PS3 version really does have bad hit detection. Maybe you're just used to it. And that wont stop people from playing it.

arjman2434d ago

You haven't asked every PS3 owner what they feel about blops have you?
The lag is bad, the hit detection is bad and the host advantage is bad...

Joe29112434d ago

Maybe you need to upgrade from dial up, because its fine for me and everyone I know.

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zeksta2434d ago

Why thank you Treyarch, for releasing another useless patch in order for us to prep for your next map pack.


CodCom2434d ago

If you've actually read the patch notes, you would have noticed they didn't include support for the Rezurrection map pack in this patch.

moho-foe2434d ago

When is the famas nerf coming?

Kee2434d ago

That's already been, but it's hard to tell, really. It's still a little bit overpowered.

I might jump on later and see what improvements they've made to the spawn system.

newleaf2434d ago

Good, they better keep updating playstation 3 owners' most loved series

Sizzon2434d ago

Oh and 360's most loved also, yes even more than Halo.

FFXI1012434d ago

Not rally, I was playing last night with friends against a clan.

It seems like they force us to spawn in front of them and killing us as soon as we spawn(is either that or they didn't fix $hit)

CaptainSheep2434d ago

Oh God, I so agree. I had some matches today as well.. either there were waaaaay too many spawn campers in that match.. or the spawn system is totally weirded. EVERYWHERE. I spawn... I die.

FalconR2892434d ago

Was it on nuketown? Because the same thing happened to me last night and what made matters worse was the enemy team all had 4 bars and my team all had less then 1 bar. The only time my team would get any good of a connection was when we were all dead and the enemy was capturing the HQ. Then we would be spawned on domination side A for 3 minutes just dying before we would spawn really crapy.

FFXI1012434d ago

It was on Villa, Firing range and one other map.

Our connection was fine(except the bar keep jumping back forth between 3 and 4)

CaptainSheep2433d ago

Yeah, it was on Nuketown. I'm sure.. but we all know Nuketown has spawn campers..

Gamer_Z2434d ago

No matter how many patches they make it will never fix this terrible game.

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