Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review (PC) at GamingShogun writes: "The unfortunate part of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, comes from its bugs and crashes… In my playing the game, I clocked critical game crashes at the rate of one every two hours or so, requiring me to kill the task and restart the computer. It did get me nice and efficient in the habit of saving my games regularly. Hopefully, Square Enix and Eidos Montreal can come up with some bug-fixes so the game is more continuous of an experience."

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AKS2463d ago

Don't click on this. Avast indicated it blocked malware when I did. I'm reporting this article now.

GamingShogun2462d ago

Hey gang, if anyone has an Avast report as to what threat is being detected, we would love to see it. I have scanned our local content but found no threats at this time. I take the security of our info seriously and would definitely appreciate the help.


GamingShogun2462d ago

Okay, so after looking into it - it seems that Avast is giving false positives based on what we believe to be Google Adsense. Norton's website scanner is not showing any threat from the site:

Also, using ESET's NOD32 I receive no report of threat. I am submitting this issue to AVAST for further study.

If anyone gets any other threats, I would love to hear about them so I can get them squashed quickly.

Thanks again!

JsonHenry2463d ago

Just from the paragraph above it makes me wonder how legit it is. I have played for over 3 hours and have not had a single crash. And I have it maxed it out.

starchild2462d ago

Yeah, me too. Maybe it's something else in his system causing the problem.

RankFTW2462d ago

Same here. Been playing for ages without a single problem at 60fps constant. 580 GTX.

GamingShogun2462d ago

Our reviewer played the review build send to us by Square Enix. I will pickup a retail copy today and find out if it is still happening with that version. Thanks for this, gang!

JsonHenry2462d ago

Well, you know how PCs are. Two completely identical builds and two identical PCs could the run the software and one would work and the other might not. :/

pr0digyZA2462d ago

There are two issues with crashing that they have temporary fixes for until they find a permanent solution. Remember if it doesn't happen to you that doesn't mean it isn't an issue.

The first is an ATI graphics file. Eidos posted the following solution to try out if you’re experiencing any issues:

Users experiencing a crash on launch relating to a ATI dll file.. for nVidia users this seems related to a file in the system32 or syswow (syswow64) folder under the Windows folder (depending if 32bit or 64bit). For a temporary workaround, Locate the atiadlxy.dll and atiadlxx.dll file in the folder and rename to atiadlxy.bak / atiadlxx.bak. This should allow users to start the game

The other suspected troublemaker comes from a less-likely source: it appears running proxy software while playing may also cause problems:

Users running 3rd party proxy software may experience a crash in game, try disabling the proxy option within Internet Explorer and see if it helps

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