The Chronicles of how I fell in love with Xenoblade

ButtonCombo writes: If there is anything you should take away from all of the below, it is this: if you’re European, buy Xenoblade right now, and if you’re from the US, support Operation Rainfall any way you can. You want to play this game, is what I’m saying.

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limewax2465d ago

Its more than just visuals as well, the game has really solid gameplay, A decent story (so far), And an incredible setting.

I couldn't go into full detail without writing a wall of text, but it's pretty deep, You have relationships to upkeep with your party, and large quantities of people in the town have relationships with each other that you can help them to develop, visual armour/weapon customisation not just statistics, Weapon slots for enhancements, Day/night and weather cycle, Rare monsters, Secret areas, Tons of quests to each area. I could go on for a while here but all I will say is that it's a fantastic game

zerocrossing2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Xenoblade Chronicles is amazing! It's this gens epic RPG we've all been waiting for, or at least that's my opinion so far =)


Sorry, I never played the original so I can't say. But it is one hell of a game, though the western voice acting could be better.

NewMonday2465d ago

how dose it compare to the original Xenogears??

limewax2465d ago

Yeah, I have to admit, I'm from UK, but those are some REALLY bad UK voice actors, We don't sound so monotonous and have such a lack of opinion/emotion in reality lol

Nitrowolf22465d ago

Xenoblade was a great game. Great Wii title.

ashbc2465d ago

Now just to get it in America. Stupid fucking Reggie.
He's about licking ass and stopping us from playing games.

Twizlex2465d ago

People keep complaining that Wii doesn't support core gamers enough, and right here you have an awesome game that SHOULD be supported, but it isn't. If the Wii had more games like this then I might actually want one.

thephillup2465d ago

Wow, this game looks amazing visually and gameplay wise. Too bad it isn't in the US or I'd probably pick this up.

Skateboard2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Could be the greatest game ever made. I saw gameplay and the world in the game, my god it looks too good to be true and it is.

It's a Wii game, yup the Wii has the greatest game ever made, i can safety say that by watching the game.

Skateboard2465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Nuff said.

If it comes out to the U.S i'm running to the store and getting a Wii.

limewax2465d ago

If you don't have a Wii, and you only really want one for these JRPGs they are currently releasing in Europe, then you could always just import a UK Wii and Xenogears?

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The story is too old to be commented.