[Complex Magazine] Review: "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" Is The Sneak Game You've Been Hoping For

An elaborate cyber world is the conflicted setting in which this awesome sneak-heavy game throws you into.

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samurailincoln2404d ago

It seemed in the all the previews like there would be more freedom as far as opting to be stealth or gung-ho aggressive. Game still looks great, but I'd rather be Marcus Phoenix about my shit than Solid Snake.

DanSolo2404d ago

I am pretty sure that you can choose multiple ways to do most things.... like all guns blazing, stealthy, persuasion, ect ect!

samurailincoln2404d ago

You can go guns a blazin' but not until after you've snuck around for at least 10 hours. You die so quick that getting into shoot outs is almost a guarantee that you're gonna die.

DanSolo2404d ago

Ahh ok, I did not know that!
Not played the game yet... I will likely get it at some point though!

kamakaz3md2404d ago

no... its the game i been waiting 8 years for. Im the biggest deus ex fan ever. This game deserves so much more respect then it gets. And Mass Effect fans need to realize this is the game that paved the way for that POS.

RedDead2404d ago (Edited 2404d ago )

That piece of shit has nothing on Deus Ex and probably this one too. Although I like the setting in it