PSN’s Awesome Autumn Exclusives Could Dominate XBL’s Summer of Arcade

PSNFans' Dan Crabtree explores Sony's strong response to Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade, which he dubs "Awesome Autumn."

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iamnsuperman2284d ago

I am really looking forward to Payday: The heist and Journey. The infamous 2 looks good but I will wait to see what the reviews are like. I do not want it to ruin my impressions of the infamous 2 ending

EVILDEAD3602284d ago

I'd love to be playing Journey as much as anybody. Easily one of my most anticipated PS3 titles..but it doesn't have a release date and I'm not trying to get my hopes up that it will release this year. Especially November when NOBODY but people looking for the title would even notice. But crossing my fingers just in case.


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ksense2284d ago

I think papo and yo is missing. anyways they are all excellent and some of them very innovative and creative titles but would have been better off released in the past 3 months than in the next 3 months when there is an onslaught of games i need to buy. maybe the reason is Sony does not want you to switch your consoles and just play on the ps3 the whole time lol. o well my day one games are resistance 3, uncharted 3, battlefield 3 on pc, mw3 and maybe rage depending on reviews. prolly buy assassins creed next year as i am kinda burnt out on that franchise.

DanCrabtree2284d ago

Yeah, Sony has a ton of disc-based exclusives coming this fall as well.

Also, Papo & Yo, which I LOVED when I played it at E3, is slated for 2012.

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