Bend Studios on Uncharted: Golden Abyss: ‘You're not going to find a more entertaining experience’

For any gamer worth their salt it’s now well known that Nathan Drake is set to return in a big way next year, and this time he's portable. Following this year’s release of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception will be your chance to play as Drake on the go, exclusively on Sony Computer Entertainment’s (SCE) PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). Currently in development at Bend Studios, Uncharted: Golden Abyss is promising an epic journey through the stunning jungle environments of a remote part of Central America.

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Chaostar2468d ago

I'm still in awe that this is running on a handheld device, I probably won't believe it until I have in my own hands.

LarVanian2468d ago

I hope this releases along with the PSVita itself. It would suck something awful if it was delayed for a few weeks/months after the PSVita.

remanutd552468d ago

i think Vita will be bundle with Little Deviants but Uncharted Golden Abyss or Little Big Planet could be better choices for hardcore gamers but i think Little Deviants appeal to a wider audience , i dont know i just have a feeling sony will bundle the game with vita at launch

mathsman2468d ago

I don't think they'll bundle Vita with anything at launch. They don't need to.

remanutd552468d ago

they dont but i just think they might bundle it with a small game

mathsman2468d ago

A digital one maybe, but not a full price release.

remanutd552468d ago

you think Little Deviants will be a full price release? i hardly think so but it could be

pain777pas2468d ago

We'll have to pay for it. Tag will be bundled for sure. Little deviants should not be but, looks like a retail release. UC:GA will be a title that we will have to pay for one way or another. I believe that if they bundle the game they will sell alot of systems in NA out the gate. That is my opinion but that depends on the rating for the game. LD seems like a safe packin that everyone can enjoy and show off the features of the system. However, the universal best pack in game should be LBP Vita or Modnation racer revitalized. Sony has options here though I agree UC would be my personal choice.

ksense2468d ago

as awesome as that would be I don't think they will do that. you do not bundle your golden egg that is going to sell regardless. little deviants is more likely like you said.

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phantomexe2468d ago

I was expecting it as a launch title. That changeing things up a bit for me. Nothing else gets me going like uncharted the rest of the stuff at launch is just ok IMO.

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