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CryENGINE 3 outsells Unreal Development Kit at launch

Last week, on August 17th, Crytek released the SDK version of CryENGINE 3. Today, after just five days on the market, the company is thrilled to announce that more than 100,000 copies have been downloaded. (Cryengine 3, Crytek, Dev, PC)

aviator189  +   1375d ago
Awesome. The engine really is awesome if you take the time to look through the dev videos. I hope great games come our way with this engine.
smt30  +   1375d ago
link to the dev videos please
Fishy Fingers  +   1375d ago
Plenty more people at home prefer to play with CryEngine SDK than UE3.

Why, well CE3 is still relevent, you can play with the most advance features/visuals, and more importantly, actually make use of what you make, be that Crysis 2 mods or whatever.
REALgamer  +   1375d ago
The title is misleading here - the SDK is free to download, so it hasn't 'outsold' UDK since it isn't sold! It remains to be seen which will be more popular for independent development, as UDK has the advantage of supporting iOS and Android phones and tablets in addition to the standard PC, 360 and PS3 that the CryEngine 3 supports.
SephirothX21  +   1375d ago
This can only be achieved with CryEngine 3!
Jocosta  +   1375d ago
Commence devkit wars!

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