PlayStation Vita Gets Malicious

Andriasang writes, "Critically acclaimed downloadable PlayStation 3 title going portable."

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MasterCornholio2250d ago

Looks pretty nice. Seems like lately the Vita has been getting a ton of games.

Xof2250d ago

Maybe so, but I'm still waiting to hear about Vita Gundam, Macross, Project Diva, Person and Ys games.

Cloudberry2250d ago

Speaking of Persona...

ATLUS Japan has already confirmed 3 Shin Megami Tensei games for 3DS.

The first one, is the the original Nintendo DS enhanced port for 3DS; Devil Survivor Overclocked.

The other two are; Persona & Shin Megami Tensei.

But we still don't know if the Persona 3DS is a enhanced (?) re-port of the PSP Persona game or...

The new Persona 5.

As might as well, at TGS, they would / should announce their SMT games for Vita too.

Xof2250d ago

I'm not sure I can be as hopeful about the 3DS' SMT/Persona games as that. I have a feeling the Persona game will likely be a port of P3P, or a spin-off, and I'm certain the SMT game will be another spin-off, like Devil Survivor.

Or, hell, it could be "Devil Surivor 2 Overclocked."