Deus Ex: Human Revolution - GameTrailers Review

Eidos Montreal wants all types to jack-in, but is this revolution also an evolution?

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DarkSymbiote2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

I personally thought this was underrated. Also, I love how his comes out on my birthday.

Solid_Snake-2249d ago

this game has been getting amazing reviews. can not wait for my steam version to unlock.

earbus2249d ago (Edited 2249d ago )

I still havnt finished the first two games lol awell by the time i do this should be 20 bux sweet,does it have multiplayer?. I dont really buy singleplayer only games new. Edit yeah i have both on pc just downloaded the texture packs for invisable war and upgrades for DE1 i just have trouble finishing games these days , so im a troll if i play online more than singleplayer good to know jimmy you have a point there grow your hair long no one will notice.

DarkSymbiote2249d ago

The first one has multiplayer with the latest patch. But nobody remembers Deus Ex for multiplayer. It's the story and gameplay variety that is top notch. You should definitely play the first game. Invisible War is a very dumbed down.

jimmywolf2249d ago

thu am sure your trolling ill respond anyway it a prequel so don't mater if you have not play other 2 in series an with MW3 BF3 gow3 why would you care if it has MP that 3 other AAA games for that this a good single player game worth buying

Ritsujun2249d ago

we don’t need shitty MPs like  AC2 or DS2