NowGamer - Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Xbox360) Review

NowGamer - Seems like a great game. But look closely at Deus Ex: Human Revolution and you can tell it’s just a skinjob

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shayol33t2303d ago

Did the person even play the game?

Heck the leaked beta was phenomenal from what I saw.

BrightFalls762303d ago

I'll reserve judgement until tomorrow when I have an opportunity to try it myself, maybe I'll feel the same but after so many great reviews I doubt I will.

polarbear2303d ago

This whole review just complained about the story's delivery and an AI problem. Then it doesn't even say anything about anything else.

Only 2 things wrong and everything else is suddenly an 8? Why is this considered a legitimate review?

despair2303d ago

terrible review says nothing that even justifies the score given, last time I'm curious about this site.

Urmomlol2303d ago

This website is such a shitbox they need to bash games in order to get hits.

Terrible website, terrible review.

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