TGH: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

TGH Writes: If you played the first two Deus Ex games, those titles were quite something. A combination of combat, stealth, RPG, and social elements, Deus Ex was a unique and enjoyable experience. It’s been over eight years since we last saw a new title. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is third in the series and ready to show what human augmentations can do. Will Deus Ex: Human Revolution give the same experience that it did eight years ago? Or will it be a failed augmentation? Find out in this Review of Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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FanOfGaming2077d ago

Seen some commercials, I'm pretty interested but I haven't played anything in the series

lpfisher2077d ago

Grabbing this with .99 release date delivery! So excited

Cpt_kitten2077d ago

hell yeah guy

only 6 hours of work is standing in between me and awesome game

ElementX2077d ago

I'm at work for another 6 hours also, but I have to wait until 10am for Best Buy to open :( The night is CRAWLING!

boogey1572077d ago

Reviews seems to be solid

ShadyDevil2077d ago

Game looks to be getting amazing numbers all around. It might be GOTY or at least RPG of the year contender.

ferelinstincts2076d ago

Can't wait for this game to be released in the UK! Great review. :)