Deus Ex: Human Revolution PS3 Review [PlayStation LifeStyle]

This is really the pinnacle of a customizable shooter. Every level has multiple paths that you can take, each tailored to a specific play style. Combat is tough, and every battle is won, not through sheer reaction time, but rather through cunning tactical moves.

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BigWoopMagazine2433d ago

Absolutely. Everything I was hoping for.

dbjj120882434d ago

Wow, stellar reviews. Can't wait to play tomorrow.

stormeagle62434d ago

Great to see that it's getting high marks across the board.

Jack_DangerousIy2434d ago

So glad that this game is getting good reviews. Can't wait for a price drop!

T3mpr1x2434d ago

Please, at least buy it new...

Jack_DangerousIy2434d ago

That's exactly what I meant :). I don't buy games used. But I AM going to wait for a price drop. People can "disagree" all they want. I've been waiting years for Deus Ex, I can wait a little longer.

iHEARTboobs2434d ago

Patience will help your wallet these coming months.

ftwrthtx2434d ago

Definite Game of the Year candidate.

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