10.0 Reviews Deus Ex: Human Revolution

TerminalGamer writes: The highly anticipated and much hyped Deus Ex: Human Revolution is ready to be released upon the masses. Want to know if it lives up to the hype? We have spent a week with it and might be able to augment your decision with our review.

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TerminalGamer2497d ago

Hard to believe the depth of this game. Can anytone classify which genre it falls under? RPG? FPS? ???

starchild2497d ago

That's what makes it special. It doesn't fit squarely into one genre. I'd say it roughly fits into the action RPG category, but it gives you a lot more freedom and options than, say, a game like Mass Effect.

Anyway, very nice review.

Neckbear2497d ago

...You know, having different solutions for one problem and playing differently was the staple of most CRPGs.

Deus Ex certainly falls in the action RPG category.

ftwrthtx2497d ago

What ever anyone wants to call it, at the end of the day it has a solid shot at Game of the Year