Dr. Dre Comes To The Gaming Industry CES ’12 Monster, Brings The Heat To Tritton And Turtle Beach

Monster is on a mission to take over your electronics experience with products such as the Monster Cables, Surge Protectors, Dr. Dre Beats and more.

Now the gaming space is about to be conquered and Monster is ready to prove why they are the best in what they do with the technology to back it up stay tuned and enjoy the video.

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CrzyFooL2436d ago

Personally I think Dre's headphones are overrated and overpriced.

dangert122436d ago

they are well overpriced fuck am i falling in the trap because it has dre name on them what makes him so special that the headsphones should cost more?

EVILDEAD3602436d ago (Edited 2436d ago )

I own X11s, x41s, and as of last month I bought my sweet sweet Tritons.

But, I would love to see what Dre beings to the gaming community. People love his headpones, especially the music industry.

What would blow everyone away is if BOSE jumped in and gave the gaming world a crack.


MaxXAttaxX2436d ago

Seriously. $100 HDMI cables? Wtf.

Criminal2436d ago

I agree, if you're going to pay that much money then go for Astros.

LOGICWINS2436d ago

Do the Dre's have 5.1(or higher) REAL(not virtual) surround sound? Cause if not, I don't see how the hell they pose a threat to Tritton.

ATi_Elite2436d ago

Sorry but i can't spend over $50 for a Headset!!

as long as i can hear SNORKS sneaking up on me in STALKER then the head sets are good and it means i can hear every bodies footsteps in every game.

I would like to get some Dr. Dre head sets but I'm not paying over $50

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Hitman07692436d ago

This should be really interesting to see what Monster cables and Dr. Dre's headsets can do for gaming. I am looking forward to listening and comparing myself though I am still looking to the high-end stuff that blows the mainstream sets away, and drooling.


Dre's headphones are very good but he charges way to much. His name alone will sell it too gamers but will they match up to astros?

ShadyDevil2436d ago

Those headsets look sexy. Wonder if they will be good gaming tho.

KNero2436d ago

If they do make em, I'mma have to demo it first and compare em to the astro a40s and Turtle Beaches

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