Things That Suck About Netflix

Netflix is a great feature on any gaming console. That said, there are some serious drawbacks and, as you've probably already guessed, we're going to scream about them.

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TheBeast1865d ago

When Canada has restricted content compare to USA...*cancel*

allyc4t1865d ago


I love the usability of Netflix, but the selection in Canada SUCKS.

jacksonmichael1865d ago (Edited 1865d ago )

It really does.

That, and it doesn't work on my laptop...

All in all, I prefer Sidereel...

LOGICWINS1865d ago

All these complaints can be fixed very easily

You can know when certain Netflix movies/tv shows are going to expire by going to

For the missing seasons and missing episodes, you should be able to stream them online for free on Hulu or other free streaming services.

ReservoirDog3161865d ago

That it costs more per month than gamefly now.

That just doesn't make sense.

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