Atlus to show three titles at PAX Prime

When the Penny Arcade Expo kicks off on Friday, August 26th, at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, Wash., video game publisher Atlus will be there with three games on presentation.

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CrescentFang2436d ago

I hope Atlus USA announces some of their Japanese games soon, as of now I think we're only getting Devil Survivor Overclocked and P2 IS...

Stealth2k2436d ago

we are getting devil survivor 2.

The only titles we havent gotten that theyve co developed are gungir, gloria union, nora, yggdra unision, blaze union

TGS they will reveal new games

CrescentFang2436d ago

That's good to hear. I hope something Growlanser related gets localized (or Luminous Arc 3 EYES, imageepoch has been doing a lot the past 2 years.)

Stealth2k2436d ago

growlanser is a posibility

LA 3..............not so much.........

VaddixBell2436d ago

Please be Persona 5...

I doubt it will be as they'll likely keep it for TGS but I can still hope.

Cpt_kitten2436d ago

if its persona 5 i can prepare to die happy

SactoGamer2436d ago

Do you folks even read the articles? The games are listed in the article itself.

SpinalRemains1382436d ago

Thanx news10.

I was just going to say that. I was scratching my head reading thru the comments.

Infernostew2436d ago

As much as I love the Persona series, I'd like to see a new SMT game for current gen consoles that is a new entry into the series.

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