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"It has been 8 years since the world had last seen a Deus Ex game, and after playing Human Revolution non-stop for the past few days, I can safely say that it has been missed greatly. The original Deus Ex that released back in 2000 on the PC was regarded by many as one of the greatest games of all time. It allowed players to make their own choices, gave them freedom of taking a level how they wanted and provided them with a story filled with conspiracy and a narrative that kept them guessing and wanting more. It was followed shortly after by Deus Ex: Invisible War which offered what the first title gave players, but in more constricted quality." - JPS

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Lavitz19892433d ago

from what other reviews says, it's a contender for GOTY

PPNSteve2433d ago

great looking game, should be a lot of fun!

New-Breed2433d ago

Awesome review. My copy shipped today. Can't wait to play tomorrow

Lavitz19892433d ago

You'll enjoy it no doubt

ShadyDevil2433d ago

Getting a lot of great reviews. Looks like a potential GOTY.