EDGE: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

Can Eidos Montreal's Human Revolution build on the series' already substantial frame?

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BakedGoods2076d ago

Well, it's not a PS3 exclusive, so it makes sense.

newleaf2076d ago

It's not ps3 exclusive so it deserves it...ok maybe not so but you butthurt ps3 fanboys need to stop with the conspiracy theories

buddymagoo2076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )


Just thought I would point out why you are getting disagrees. It has been proven that Edge underscore PS3 games and over score 360 games when up against metacritic.

dazreah2076d ago


Thats not proof its there opinion it can't be wrong, its just a number ignore it like 90% of ppl out there.

Disccordia2076d ago

Edge keep giving ps3 exclusives their game of the year award ;)

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gamerwiips3602076d ago

Really surprising.. Seems Mission Accomplished for EIDOS.

Gud Work Guys :)

NYC_Gamer2076d ago

I'm shocked a 9 from edge

TrevorPhillips2076d ago

I'm shockingly surprised that EDGE gave this game a 9. It's a miracle, hallelujah! :D

Zechs342076d ago (Edited 2076d ago )

Anyways. If Edge gave this game a 9, its being consistent with all other publications. Can't wait to receive my copy tmw! GOTY contender in my book!

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The story is too old to be commented.