Splitkick - Battlelog will make your BF3 experience better

Website integration is nothing new with video games. For consoles, we’ve seen it as far back as NFL2k5 and Halo 2. PC titles though? I can’t remember the first due to the more open nature of the platform, and fans loving to show off their stats on specific servers. Battlefield 2 certainly had your persistent rank available through BF2S, along with tons of other information. And honestly, if you were a somewhat serious Battlefield 2 player, you loved linking friends to your achievements.

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NuclearDuke2223d ago

I never linked friends to my achievements as I were not a statwhore. I enjoyed battlefield casually because it was an awesome game for its time.

I have this feeling that Battlefield 3 is way too inspired by Bad Company 2 and I would hate to let the game go because of this. I simply don't think BF:BC2 was a good game, neither did it sell very well and the active scene of the game peaks at perhaps 10k in a good weekend evening.

Modern Warfare atleast remains faithfull to its roots.

chak_2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

you obviously didn't play alpha. BF3 is BF3, not BC2 successor

And there are 30k players on all format when it's late night in US and early morning in europe, tuesday

NuclearDuke2223d ago

I'm sorry, but no - I didn't play the Alpha. I am still waiting for more complete gameplay footage close to launch so that I can decide wether or not I should build a brand new PC for this game. Yes, I am that interested in a BF2 successor.

Unfortunately, for me - it seems that it currently is not what I expected and doesn't come close to being something alike BF2 but more like BC2.

I love Battlefield, but cannot stand Bad Company.

chak_2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

there are both in BF3, rush BC2 style and conquest BF2 sized, but the global feeling is, trust me, not BCish at all.

It's a really good feeling.

lil Titan2222d ago

BF3 will take ideas from BC2 since its made by the SAME PEOPLE and there's nothing wrong with that. the BC series brought destruction and other ideas to this series. and if you ask me COD series needs to do an off brand name to try out something new. COD may stick to its roots but there nothing wrong with adding something new to the mix and i have yet to see anything new from COD.

Hufandpuf2223d ago

A lot of people that played the Alpha liked the battelog. those that didn't don't. I think the people that played the Alpha know what they are talking about because they have PLAYED THE GAME.

chak_2223d ago

In my opinion BL is a gem.

Easy, fast, convenient and nicely looking.

sprayNpray2223d ago

In my opinion it sucks, ass. It makes the game feel disjointed and cheep, like its a browser game. And to have to go from battlelog to origin and then into the game is RETARDED. Give us a main menu and a server browser please. If you want to implement an in-game browser that you can use to access a battlelog like social site then so be it but don't make us jump through hoops just to play the game.

trenso12222d ago

So battlelog isnt for consoles?