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The Controller Online writes: "The third entry in the Deus Ex series has been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. It would be hard not to have heard about Human Revolution in some manner before now. With all the videos, developer diaries, screenshots and previews it would also be hard not to be excited for this game. But did Eidos Montreal show us all they had to offer in the previews? The straight answer is no. Deus Ex: Human Revolution stuns you visually, gets you addicted to the gameplay and sucks you into an intriguing world that is dealing with issues that might not be too far off from our own."

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fluffydelusions2496d ago

WOW, this game is looking to be phenomenal! Look at the scores...can't wait to get it tomorrow.

LOGICWINS2496d ago

Your getting it based off "scores" in other peoples opinions?

-MD-2496d ago

That's usually what a review is for.

LOGICWINS2496d ago

Er..I've never gotten a game based off another person's opinion before. A bit confusing to be honest since you don't know if the person reviewing the game has the same likes/dislikes that you do.

But if it works for you, then more power to you.

JoGam2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

He never said why he was buying it? Read it slow. He could have had the game on reserve for months now. He may just be happy the game is getting good reviews. Stop looking at it as a negative.

EDIT: Your second comment Logic sounds as if you found him guilty for it.
I'm not trying to argue, just saying don't look at it in a negative. Cmon now you did. Tell the truth.

LOGICWINS2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )

"He never said why he was buying it? Read it slow."

Ummm...which is why I questioned him with the question:

"Your getting it based off "scores" in other peoples opinions?"

I was just curious if he was buying the game solely because of a review score...if anyones being negative, its you. What have I said thats negative????

Solidus187-SCMilk2496d ago

doesnt matter why, as long as he gets it Ill be happy.

I would buy this no matter what because the first is one of my favorite games Ive ever played, but seeing a bunch of great scores sure makes me happy. the second game wasnt as good, but was Ok, but this 3rd one looks like it could be great like the first.

MOTY2496d ago (Edited 2496d ago )


So you purchase goods and services without doing ANY kind of research to see if the product or service you are paying for is worth your money?

Are you also saying that you don't take other peoples opinions as creditable? How many doctors do you go to when you need a doctors opinion on what ails you? Do you just assume you know what disease you have and treat yourself?

What about when it comes time to buy a car? Do you do your research to see if the car is safe or how it is on gas?

People doing their "homework" to determine if a product or service is worth their hard earned money is a common practice. A practice that has been taken more serioulsy due to the hardships that occured over the last couple of years. My hats off to those that research a game before buying it. It shows that money holds value to them thus READ the reviews made by unbias reviewers.

A fool and his money are parted easily, Your "logic" would seem to insinuate that you are a fool.

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newleaf2496d ago

GOTY contender without being exclusive...remind me again why xbox 360 has no games. . .

2496d ago