IGN- Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

IGN: "While Deus Ex: Human Revolution can't be the revelation that Deus Ex was in 2000, it's an achievement nonetheless. It's a visionary, considered piece of work, and while my thoughts drift to the things that could have been and the compromises made due to the possibilities of video games in 2011, they're just as quick to consider playing through it again. Human Revolution is a smart, rewarding piece of transhumanist noir that does justice not just to Deus Ex, but to the fiction that inspired it."

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Anderson82463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

surprised they didnt give another game an 8.5...

i'll be grabbing this game for sure.. loved the old ones

RedDead2463d ago of them...this years packed with the whole personal preference thing. I hope it's as good as the first with the perks of this gen

LOGICWINS2463d ago

Why are we labeling a game that none of us have played yet GOTY?

Didn't know that the opinions of reviewers meant that much to people.

M-Easy2463d ago

No matter if this game is as good as they say it is or if its overrated because of the drought it is going to be forgotten by mid-November. There are just too many AAA games coming in the next 3 months.

coolfool2462d ago

Interesting choice of negative point. How many games offer true choice and not just pre-scripted paths through the game?

N4SIR2461d ago

pokemon black or white GOTY!

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xer02463d ago

I've never played a Deus Ex game, but after witnessing the game play - this is looking good.

Bring on Thursday! :)

pr0digyZA2463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Some people might have played 10 hours already considering the leak more than a month ago.

edit:ok...whoops maybe those people imagined it.

memots2463d ago

Good stuff.. Was already going to pick it up. Good review

SephirothX212463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

I'm happy that this game has done Deus Ex justice. I really didn't expect this game to be that great and it has far exceeded my expectations. Remember this was developed by an entirely new team of people. It looks like they stuck to the formula of the first game and it has paid off. SE should take a lesson from this for Final Fantasy. Going back to a franchise's roots is in many situations the best course of action to take with a sequel/prequel.

newleaf2463d ago

why are people getting upset that this is a goty contender?? Is it because it isn't an exclusive and therefore makes it difficult to keep saying 360 has no games?

Optical_Matrix2463d ago

What on earth? about paranoid. Anyways, got this on Pre-order on 360. Shopto should get it to me by thursday morning. Can't wait. Great game to keep us all going until Gears of War 3 and the fall line up in general.

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