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WorthPlaying writes, "No matter what genre of play you prefer, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is bound to fit the bill. It is a brilliantly constructed game that sets up a world and then sets the player loose, allowing you to explore as you see fit. From the art direction to the genre-bending gameplay, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a landmark in game design that is sure to be referenced in the years to come. Buy it without hesitation."

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showtimefolks2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

a no doubter a game that you will play more than once to get everything and is about 20hrs long and all the reviews have been high so far

summer is over time for our wallets to cry and our nights to get much much shorter


that's even better thanks nuff said i am glad it is living up to all the hype that those awesome CG trailers showed

fluffydelusions2499d ago

IGN said 25-40hrs on initial playthrough so that is awesome.

death2smoochie2499d ago

They are saying the game is on level with Deus Ex from 2000...
If that's the this game ASAP people. GOTY contender easy then if that is true to what these early reviews are saying.

fluffydelusions2499d ago

Yep, the original was awesome.

2499d ago
Syriel2499d ago

I'm playing through it a second time (third time through the Detroit Hub) and still finding new areas/things that I didn't see when I did the review run.