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It’s 2027. Revolutionary advancements in science allow the augmentation of human beings with mechanical neuro-prostheses and limb replacements that allow for enhanced physical and mental abilities. Who wouldn’t want to be super-human?

As with most human vices there is a downside; the body rejects these enhancements making Neuropozine, a controversial and expensive drug that prevents that corporal upheaval, a lifetime requirement.

Sarif Industries, headquartered in revitalized Detroit is a leader in human augmentation research and development. On the eve of presenting groundbreaking new research, the research laboratory is savagely attacked by augmented soldiers leaving many of its key research personnel dead. The slick, gravelly-voiced Adam Jensen, ex-SWAT leader and newly-recruited head of Sarif’s security is left critically wounded.

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GavinMannion2470d ago

It seems that everyone is giving this one between 9 and 10....

I wonder who the first idiots will be who give it a 6?

bumnut2470d ago

Most games get great reviews before they are released, how do you know it does not deserve a 6 if you have not played it yet?

Homefront got high review scores and that was shit, Only after release did we see the honest reviews.

I hope the game is good but im going to wait a week for some more reviews, been burned too many times this year by shit games.

GavinMannion2470d ago

There are a lot of sites I trust and they have all given this a 8.5 + so I'm happy

bumnut2470d ago

Im not saying don't buy the game. Im just saying to be careful with early reviews, so many bad games have got high scores in early reviews.

Homefront & Black ops for example.

GavinMannion2470d ago

Granted Homefront was bad but then again Lazygamer did only give it a 7.4 ( so this review is pretty special.

Black Ops is a good game... maybe not your taste but it's a good game

WobblyOnion2470d ago

It's too awesome to give low scores to. Seen a few high to mid 8's...nothing lower yet.

GavinMannion2470d ago

Surprisingly even Destructoid gave it a real score...

Brash_Attack2470d ago

When an 8 is the lowest score on N4G, you know the game has to be pretty damn good.

AKS2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

Preloaded on Steam but still locked. I'm feeling very impatient. Steam, it's time to: