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GamerFitNation's Gregory Laporte writes a review on Deus Ex Human Revolution. This is the first time I have ever played a Deus Ex game and it won't be the last. My friends used to play it all the time and now I know why.

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xtheownerzx1978d ago

this game is a lot of fun!

HelghastKid1978d ago

finally some damn reviews. I was getting really worried. Now i can preorder this for tmrw :)

Jaybronee1978d ago

"I have to say that once you are in cover, your in cover for good."'s you're....not your. Second DE review I've read where they must have graduated last in their class. one purchase for me!!

xtheownerzx1978d ago

thanks for enjoying the review oh and by the way the rock called he wants his tagline back.

Jaybronee1977d ago

"rock called he wants his tagline back"...not quite sure what that means. Assuming it's a WWE reference...Oh well, looking forward to getting off work and playing DE!