Battlefield 3: Over half a million American pre-orders

As of August 20, 2011 there are 696,934 pre-orders in the Americas. Battlefield 3 has 10 more weeks until its release on October 25th. Do you think that Battlefield 3 will hit 1 million pre-orders before its release?

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DarkCharizard_2494d ago

2011.. the rise of battlefield!

N4SIR2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

lol @ dark charizard!

2011 is the rise of EMBOAR!!!!

The Meerkat2494d ago

If they would show some half decent 360 footage they could double that number.

fluffydelusions2494d ago

It's possible but 360 already has the most preorders out there. It more than doubles the PS3 version. I wonder how many there are for PC though.

JoGam2494d ago

Where is the proof of your statement? Oh its a guess, I got it.

fluffydelusions2493d ago


It's right there on VGchartz. I know you're quick to dismiss it but I bet if it were a PS3 exclusive you'd be singing a different tune.

lazertroy2493d ago

360 has no games they'll buy anything.

MariaHelFutura2493d ago


Everyone hates vgchartz, aside from psychos.

MasterCornholio2493d ago

It isnt because the 360 has no games. It is because in America the 360 is more popular than the PS3. Which is why this multiplatform title will sell better in the states on the 360 than the PS3. However if this was spain for example the game would sell more on the PS3.

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doughboy20082494d ago

@DarkCharizard_ And I suppose you'll be playing this on your Wii?

MasterCornholio2493d ago

With the hidden power of the Wii that Nintendo has yet to unlock. It shall be able to play Avatar the Movie in real time at 60 FPS at 1080P.

Prepare to feel the wrath of the Weiners

LOL just kidding but yes Battle Field 3 will not be playble on the Wii so it looks like Charizard will miss out on it. Hey i know he can go out and pick up a PS3 for 250 Euros and discover what he has been missing by sticking with the Wii.

Errr sticking with the Wii sounds sexual for some reason.

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Farsendor12493d ago

im going to pre order 2 copies one of my wife and one for me when the local gamestop opens up.

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