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Review: TX-1 Throat Mic - Gameranx

GR - "Gamers are constantly looking for the next big accessory—especially the kind of accessory that heightens one's involvement with the game. For gamers on the lookout for a good microphone, we've reviewed just the thing. Gioteck has provided us with the TX-1 Throat Mic for the Xbox 360, a device that will help you to get in the zone with any army-type shooter." (Tech, Xbox 360) -

FredEffinChopin  +   1470d ago
Let's hope none of those constant-throat-clearers (like myself) get a hold of this, or online communities everywhere are in for a world of annoyance. Gotta say though, that is a great price for that, inefficient as it may be.
Elwenil  +   1470d ago
A throat mic picks up the same stuff a normal mic does so throat clearing is not going to sound any different.

I use a throat mic for Airsoft but it's not something I would consider for video games. Moving through the brush can make a boom mic a pain in the ass but that's not really a concern sitting on the couch so I don't really see the need for this. A bit of a gimmick I guess.
FlyShootRaceSims  +   1470d ago
I was hoping for a real bone-conduction mic but never mind.
Kee  +   1470d ago
That seems really weird.

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