Deus Ex: Human Revolution features Demolition Man's 'Three Seashells'

DSOGaming writes: "I bet that most of you have already seen Sylvester Stalone’s Demolition Man and if you did, you’ll most certainly remember those weird ‘three seashells’. It’s funny but I still don’t get how they were supposed to be used but nevermind. Since the latest part of Deus Ex will be released in a few days, we wanted to share with you one of its easter eggs."

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OllieBoy2437d ago

haha, i can't wait for this game.

Bathyj2437d ago

Cant wait to commit some murder death kills.

General Shrooms2437d ago

I really wish I knew how to use the three sea shells

KwietStorm2437d ago

I bet if you learned, you would wish it never crossed your mind.