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Head2Head: Deus Ex: Human Revolution Screenshot Comparison (Lens of Truth)

Lens of Truth writes - "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! In our opinion, August usually kicks off the gaming season and this year is no different. First up on the list of big named titles is Eidos’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Its been 8 years since the last Deus Ex game and we couldn’t wait to put this much anticipated prequel under our Lens." (Deus Ex: Human Revolution, PS3, Xbox 360)

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RudeSole Devil  +   1471d ago
Wow I thought this comes out next Tuesday! Both look close.
xPhearR3dx  +   1471d ago
They do, but I'm going to go with 360.
hqgamez  +   1471d ago
Since I was playing the game, I give it a tie, because some parts of the game you would want lighter, such as most of the cut scenes but then they also have parts you would want darker to seem more vivid. I'll go with PC!

Most thing I hate are the pre rendered freaking scenes, like why isn't it in game or like the trailers. What game do you know have the the in game movies worst than the game's graphics?
Crysis 2 was in game, God of war 2 =CG was great, this is like WTF! The only turn off for me in this game. I want to skip, but they are important for the story.
badz149  +   1471d ago
your answer
"Most thing I hate are the pre rendered freaking scenes, like why isn't it in game or like the trailers."

it's EIDOS under Square Enix. they do all this all the time
malol  +   1471d ago
where is the PC version ??
i want to see the version i want to get !
RankFTW  +   1471d ago
We don't need to see the PC version mate as we know it will be far far superior, already got mine pre-loaded on Steam. Let these console boys have their little face off.
rjdofu  +   1471d ago
@malol: what's the point of showing PC version here? To satisfy the small mind of PC elitists?
firemassacre  +   1471d ago
the ps3 version is the clear winner.
lastdual  +   1470d ago
There isn't a "clear winner", just the same "360 has higher default contrast, PS3 has higher default brightness" that can be seen on EVERY GAME COMPARISON, and which can be negated simply by tweaking your TV's settings.

If you own both consoles, the intelligent course of action is simply to purchase the version based on which controller you prefer to hold.
Sub4Dis  +   1470d ago
well said.

although i'm still torn. not between 360 and ps3, but between preordering tomorrow at gamestop for the extra mission, or preordering on amazon for the sniper rifle.

gamestop pre-order also comes with some device that unlocks every door, and i gotta ask, what's the fun in that? tough call.
AngryTypingGuy  +   1470d ago
The PS3 has been doing well lately. The PS3 had the better versions of Portal and L.A. Noire, however in the case of Deus Ex, I think that the 360 is the clear winner. The color looks more pure and the shadows are better. Both look great though.

I hope Lens of Truth is able to compare Skyrim before it comes out. I'd like to get it on launch day, but I definitely want to make sure that I get the better version.
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Ducky  +   1471d ago
The hilarious part is, a lot of those images are from pre-rendered CGI sequences.

(The only in-game ones are the keypad one and the two after it, well that and the entire 2nd page)
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Quagmire  +   1471d ago
You have no idea what you're talking about. Admit it.

None of them are CGI. They are either realtime gameaply, or realtime cutscenes. Not pre-rendered.
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Ducky  +   1471d ago
^ If you can't notice the glaring difference in lighting between the first few images and the remaining one, then God help you.
caboose32  +   1471d ago
I played the pc beta, and yes, many of these ARE in fact from the cutscenes that are all pre-rendered.
Persistantthug  +   1471d ago
At the end on page 2, I voted "TIE".
XBOX 360 looks a little darker and the PS3 lighter....so that's a preference thing.

Other than that, from the pics, I couldn't really see anything significantly different between the PS3 and the XBOX 360 version.

I'm curious on what kind of AA they used.

Devs that don't at least use MLAA for the PS3, now that it's been in the SDK for a while...I almost automatically write them off as lazy developers.

At any rate, this looks like a good job on both, so that's good. :)
masterofpwnage  +   1471d ago
might get disagree from both side, but they really do look the same.
Its a tie
chriski333  +   1471d ago
both look almost the same but the xbox version is too dark im getting the ps3 version
SilentNegotiator  +   1471d ago
As usual, the 360 version is ridiculously dark and saturated. The anti-aliasing is done a little better on the ps3 version.
Lazy_Sunday  +   1471d ago
360 subs AA for hardware bloom
PS3 subs bloom for hardware AA.
Bloom helps filter color to be more vibrant, while the PS3 uses AA and not a hardware bloom. The games would probably look the same if they took off the 360's super contrast, LoT just uses it to mix the pot a little, and none of my friends use it since it makes games quote: "too dark."
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Jack_DangerousIy  +   1470d ago
As usual, you sound like an idiot.

Lazy_Sunday  +   1471d ago
If you see jaggies at this low res in 2011, you're either playing a PS2 game or Alice Returns
Both look incomparable, since they're both reduced to half of actual size. This makes the jaggies very non-existent, and emphasizes color over actual form and gameplay--though, most of these screenshots could be fixed by adjusting the contrast.

--lol, and yes, Alice Madness Returns looks like shit at 360p and 720p
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M1chl  +   1470d ago
Agree on Alice...
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Solid_Snake-  +   1470d ago
wow there is some proper butt hurt fanboys on this article with the disagree without a reason.

PC will destroy the console version......i LOL a you for disagreeing with that.

EDIT: the 360 version looks the best on the console. you either blind or a fanboy.........
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gw4k  +   1470d ago
WOW! That is insanely close! The 360 is darker while the PS3 has higher brightness and saturation. Both of these things can be adjusted on the system/tv. This game is a no brainer for either console. I will probably go with the 360 (I do have both) namely because I enjoy my 360 the most. That is just me so no hat in' folks.
Tempjf  +   1471d ago
Damn I can't wait to get my grubby mittens on this games... Both look good but Xbox looks better in most of the shots.
Cpt_kitten  +   1471d ago
yeah some shots the 360 has justice and other ps3 dose
cant wait this needs to occupy me till skyrim comes out
Joe Bomb  +   1471d ago
Looks close. Edios did a fine job here.
Iceballs  +   1471d ago
from within my icy ball I see the PS3 as the victor. And remember boys and girls the ice balls never lie
DrFUD  +   1471d ago
Square Enix games always look better on PS3
TheDivine  +   1470d ago
What about Supreme Commander 2, Infinite Undiscovery, Last Remnant, and Project Sylpheed? Oh wait.....none of those are on ps3. :(
StupidDude  +   1470d ago
@thedivine wow, there's a winning list of games if I ever saw one.
Jack_DangerousIy  +   1471d ago
Nice gimmick you have going there bud.

Let me try... *clears throat*.. I'm DANGEROUSLY close to getting to play Deus Ex.... Dangerously..
360 man  +   1471d ago
360 wins
ksense  +   1470d ago
going by your name I am not surprised...
hazbaz  +   1471d ago
No freakin' difference. Just the xbox ver. is darker.
Transporter47  +   1471d ago
Just seems to me that they need to change the brightness on the ps3 n that's it
Master_S  +   1471d ago
360 wins
SeraphimBlade  +   1471d ago
PS3 is just brighter. Guess I'm getting that version so I can actually see what's going on. I imagine the future has better lighting than the 360 version.
SITH  +   1471d ago
They look 100% the same. Contrast is irrelevant.
vikingland1  +   1471d ago
Which version runs better is what I want to know.
qwertyz  +   1471d ago
contrast is different aside from that they are basically the same all you need do is adjust your tv settings. the pc version will DESTROY the console version anyways :) PC FTW!
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Toasty   1471d ago | Spam
FAGOL  +   1471d ago
Wow there is no difference in graphics. The only difference is brightness. Good job eidos.
Cpt_kitten  +   1471d ago
bout time been waiting for this for my final choice
CGI-Quality  +   1471d ago
The PS3 version looked a tad clearer in many pics and brighter in most pics. The 360 version seemed to have slightly better shadows. I'd all-in-all call it a tie, with the PS3 ahead, perhaps, just a tad.

Getting it on PS3 regardless, but if I had the PC to play, I'd go for that, easily.
360 man  +   1471d ago
if u think ps3 is ahead then u need ur eyes checked mate
CernaML  +   1470d ago
If you think anyone should go by what you say, you need to stop snorting the powder, chap.
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CGI-Quality  +   1469d ago
With this being just a screenshot comparison, I don't think anything needs to be checked (even the full analysis agrees the PS3 version looked clearer - although they gave the 360 version the slight edge in visuals due to less jaggies and slightly better SSAO & lighting throughout).


Needless to say, I even went as far as saying the PS3 version was "perhaps" ahead, but called it a tie.

Sorry if that assessment doesn't jive with you, but then again, it doesn't have to.
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clarkjudo  +   1471d ago
Good color and contrast for the 360 and washed out color and contrast for the PS3. Could it be the wrong brightness adjustment that is causing some wash out effects for the PS3? Either way, what ever you prefer for what media to play this amazing game is to your own personal taste I guess.
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Son_Lee  +   1471d ago
N4G, where you get disagrees for factual evidence. This will not change in 2027.
clarkjudo  +   1471d ago
I just do not understand why people cannot tell the difference (it's simple, one is lighter and the other is darker). Just looking at the picture next to the head line is plainly showing the difference. You do not even have to click on the article to see more. It is just more the same. LOL
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1471d ago
One is more contrasty than the other. That's about it.
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1471d ago
Popped it into Photoshop increase the contrast on the PS3.

Mrmagnumman357  +   1471d ago
I dont know why you got disagrees. Either way there pretty identical, but i think the ps3 version has better anti aliasing
Fade_Walker  +   1471d ago
Looks like another case of what controller do you like better.
1PC2PS33360  +   1471d ago
if you have a mid-range or just kinda good pc, by far that is the version to get...hopefully we get some super sweet mods...if your computer case is beige and ram comes in 256 sticks.....well partner....

you best to pick a console version, looks like either will do the trick, 360 version looks a little too dark....ps3 version looks a little too bright....contrast and brightness adjustments outta clear that up might fine, might be that the ps3 has a wee bit better anti aliasing in my eye.....

....and I'm a reckon I might continue to write like a cowboy for the rest of this here night!
THC CELL  +   1471d ago
Blind fanboys one is darker one is lighter. Turn the limit off on ps3 settings they will both look same. Some faces in the xbox version are abit grainy
Series_IIa  +   1471d ago
In my 360 glasses the 360 looks the best and the PS3 version sucks.

But when I stick my PS3 glasses on the 360 version looks rubbish and the PS3 version looks the best.

How peculiar...
YodaCracker  +   1471d ago
In every one of these LoT comparisons, both versions look the same except the 360 version is darker and the PS3 version is brighter. What's the point? Just change the brightness in the settings and they would look identical. Am I missing something here?
SAE  +   1470d ago
thats right , only bright is different which you can edit it in the options , fanboys here act like politic people , each have different opinion on a game that look the same... most of multiplatform look the same onl the bright is different..
Jake_Butler  +   1471d ago
Honestly I like the 360 version better but what ever
Jazz4108  +   1470d ago
They look pretty close to me. Just get it on the system you prefer.
kuroukage  +   1470d ago
Awww no PC shot at max settings 1080p? How about removing the PC bias and show those under the real "lens of truth". ;)
gypsygib  +   1470d ago
The 360 is crushing all the blacks, I don't really like that, if I did I'd set my HDMI level to low.

I'll wait for the performance comparison to decide though, but so far, it looks like I'm getting the PS3 version.
MysticStrummer  +   1470d ago
360 version is too dark. Otherwise they're the same. Both look good.
kingdoms  +   1470d ago
You mean not washed out and faded with poor contrast. 360 isn't too dark it has deeper black colors so in dark scenes It's dark and in bright scenes It's bright. You lose all credibility when you say a poorly calibrated hdtv with a crap contrast ratio(ps3)looks better than a hdtv that is calibrated with a high contrast ratio(360)
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ATi_Elite  +   1470d ago
Why no PC Lens of truth?
I wanna see a PC Lens of truth....not to brag or compare to consoles (cause that's a waste of time).

Lens of truth should do a Minimum spec PC versus a recommended spec PC. That way PC gamers can see difference between just "running the game" and "Max graphics".
DFresh  +   1470d ago
Both look pretty good on PS3/Xbox 360.
I think the 360 version looks too dark and the PS3 version is too bright.
Overall both look like crap on the consoles.
Deus Ex is meant to be played on a PC.
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