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Submitted by xtremexx 1632d ago | video

What A Battlefield 3 Knife Take Down Looks Like From Third Person And Quickscoping

We all know that the Battlefield 3 knife takedown looks amazing, however there has only been footage of someone doing it from the first person, now you get to see what it looks like from the third person.

Video Also Includes Quickscoping (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Criminal  +   1632d ago
It's nice that they included a full blown takedown, rather than just a launch.
TurismoGTR  +   1632d ago
i wish BF3 had 3rd person mode
jeseth  +   1632d ago
Wow, the AK47 in this game has no recoil!

Battlefield is sooooo realistic!
xtremexx  +   1632d ago
@jeseth Alpha
Blacktric  +   1632d ago
MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1632d ago
BF3 3rd person mode,

El campers paradise, Complimentary marshmallows when you join!

lol not a bad idea, have it in a seperate playlist like MW2 and it would be grand, (only redeeming feature of that game because 3rd person mode had no aim assist)
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lelo2play  +   1632d ago
The Moders in the PC community will probably release a mod to play BF3 in the 3rd person :)
jeseth  +   1632d ago
c'mon guys . . . how can you watch that clip and not notice the lack of recoil. Don't make excuses for it, call a spade a spade.

I don't get it, some games get brutally criticized while others get a pass and people justify obvious flaws.
DirtyLary  +   1632d ago
sad troll when all you got is "not realistic" in a video game.
AKS  +   1632d ago

If you want a sim FPS, try ARMA. It's not supposed to be completely realistic. If it was, most of the time you'd be killed with a single bullet, or at minimum drop to the ground writhing in agony. I've seen a single round from an AK-47 chop a concrete block in half. If you get hit by any of those weapons, you're done. No revives or medikits in real life are going to fix you so you can get back up and sprint across a field while carrying a light machine gun. The first team to get to an armored vehicle would basically have won the round. Does that sound fun for an online multiplayer game? That's why they try to balance it rather than go for pure realism.
GrieverSoul  +   1632d ago
The most annoying feature Modern Warfare has is in BF3??!! -_-
CaptCalvin  +   1632d ago

Because if you look carefully he deployed a bipod. I know they don't have these things in CoD but I mean comeon!!
MidnytRain  +   1632d ago
^^Not really a flaw if the game's not out yet. They can fix it.
jeseth  +   1632d ago
@ AKS.

I know man but all people have been talking about lately is how much more realistic and detailed BF is than other shooters. To have noticably unrealistic recoil is what it is. Tripod or not we are talking about a fully automatic rifle shooting a 7.62 round...

Why can't people admit what the video clearly shows. A lack of "attention to detail". I know its a video game but if EA is going to hyp this game up the way they are then they and others should be prepared to be criticized heavily.

@ Koblec : I feel like I'm being misunderstood here....I don't really care about teh recoil in a VIDEO GAME. My original comment was sarcasm that some people have a problem with when it is about something they love so dearly. But what I'm getting at is other games get knocked and made fun of for beiing "arcady and fun" (Halo/COD) while Battlefied is immediately more "mature, realistic, and intelligent" than other FPS games. I could care less how accurate BF3 is to real life, or COD:MW3, OR Socom 4, or MOH, etc. The point is that people cry one thing about BF and degrade other games while the game they build up has the same problems and could be picked apart for the very same drawbacks.

Its the hypocracy really that amuses me in the FPS Fanboy flame wars as of late. The authors and fans of N4g want BF3 to beat MW3 so bad but the truth is that it won't even sell half of what MW3 will sell. I'm no COD fanboy, I'm a gaming realist and old enough to see the landscape and scope of the power COD has right now. Black Ops sold 25 million units! Thats F;ing insane! MW3 will sell that much on reputation alone. People need to be consistant in their criticism of game is all I'm saying.
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Koblec  +   1632d ago
@ jeseth

Realism =/= fun

You have to draw the line somewhere.
radphil  +   1632d ago

Mountain out of an ant hill...good god man. There's a reason betas and testing happens.

The lack of recoil can be fixed easily.
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evrfighter  +   1632d ago
If you're a pc gamer then this is fundamental pc sniping. console scrubs just gave it a fancy name
morganfell  +   1632d ago
Not really worried about the lack of recoil. I have ACE 2 on Combined Arms for days when I want realism.

The bigger issue wasn't even the game. It was these guys jerking off and laughing while they were losing objectives. Yes it's a beta but these people will play exactly the same way when the retail version launches.

You can't always play in a clan or with people you know so before they concern themselves with recoil I would rather the devs find better ways to promote teamwork (without forcing it - SOCOM 2 was masterful in this regard). And develop a manner which can provide better insight/feedback for players to be able to determine who is actually assisting the team and who is simply standing at the feedbag.
peowpeow  +   1632d ago
There's heaps of recoil in the AK47..look at 1:08? The no recoil part is when he deploys the bipod. There needed to be a distinguishable difference in recoil with the bipod deployed
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Pixel_Pusher  +   1632d ago
Even a little thing like knifing looks fucking amazing in BF3.


Oh no did he not live up to your expectations? Darn...

Have you not found out yet what a real man behaves like? Very comical.
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lil Titan  +   1632d ago
does BF3 have the bunny hop?

@jeseth its alot more realistic than COD thats for sure. you must have missed the bi pod that he put down dont worry its easy to miss
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RedDead  +   1632d ago
Jeseth, no one ses it's realistic. Sure more than Cod but it's still not realistic. As the rest said, want realistic, play a sim. Want the best shooter(imo). BF all the way.

Zealous, 2 from front, 1 from back. Not like Cod or Killzone 3
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KendrickGLS  +   1631d ago
Yeah I agree, and I think it would be awsome if a lot of games had the option to switch between 1st person, and 3rd view in the options menu in the game. If I could have Halo in 3rd person, and Gears of War 1st person, then I would like those games a lot more. The only games I know of that has that option is Fallout 3/New Vegas The Suffering(The best horror game ever!). Rainbow Six Vegas was in 1st person but it still had a cover system. It'd be so awsome if Battlefield had that, but it's still the best war game!
Ser  +   1631d ago

Do you expect EVERYTHING to be perfect in this game? I don't.

But thankfully, DICE can alter weapons and balance the game even after release. Just calm down.
ATi_Elite  +   1632d ago
@ the 0:36 second mark he screamed like a straight Be-atch!! instantly loosing all his man points and the respect of gamers every where!!

"then had the nerve to curse and act tough after a kill" Very Comical!!
latinalover  +   1632d ago
i seen lately people just being stupid in battlefield 3
zeal0us  +   1632d ago
is it a one hit kill even from the front or just the back?

B/c if its anything the bs in cod i'm going to be piss....but i will still buy the game.
ATi_Elite  +   1631d ago
Most likely that was a head shot plus he was already severely wounded from the earlier gun fights.
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hqgamez  +   1631d ago
here is some more gameplay

Related video
BALLARD32  +   1632d ago
Hopefully the quickscoping doesn't make it into the final game. Dice knows better.
ATi_Elite  +   1632d ago
whats the benefit or evil of quick scoping?
BALLARD32  +   1632d ago
I could rant about it all day but simply put, quickscoping is an exploit of the games aim assist(at least in cod). In my opinion, its a cheap way to play.
PeZuS  +   1632d ago
There is no aim assist in BF3 on PC (and most PC shooters anyway)
Getowned  +   1632d ago
quickscoping is the most annoying thing along with noobtubers,and better be taken out of BF3 or i will only buy PC version.I was going to get a PC and PS3 copy but not if there going to turn console version into MW2 but at least sniper don't get 1 shot kills unless with a head shot still it could be an annoyance.
-Alpha  +   1632d ago
it's not a problem. I can do the same exact thing in BC2, I've quick and no scoped many times before. The mentality just isn't the same in Battlefield as it is in COD.
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omi25p  +   1632d ago
Agreed. Also the guy he is shooting is stood up and is completely still, That would be an easy no scope to any trained sniper.
arjman  +   1632d ago
Quickscoping is pointless, majority of the time they only get one kill because they're shot down by other enemies
Cpt_kitten  +   1632d ago
the slowed down part of the take down made the guy luaghing seem insane.......awesome
Bay  +   1632d ago
Was that an AK with a tripod? Huh...
Cpt_kitten  +   1632d ago
Ak's rock most customizable weapons and more accurate than an M16

wish devs would get that through there heads and not make it a weak weapon

i have shot one before, im not one of these cod fanboys who thinks they know guns because they play call of duty.....who bases there guns off pellet guns unlike dice who actually has a firing range with loads of guns
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jeseth  +   1632d ago
AK47. Customizable and Reliable, yes.

More accurate than an M16, no. The M16 (A2/A4) is one of the most accurate assault rifles there are.

An AR15 is more accurate than an AK47. Shoot the guns before making comments.

Kitten : I peer of mine is ex-mairne corps. Has a borderline criminal amount of rifles and handguns. You take Dice's "actual firing range" excuse while we will continue to shoot targets, cans, bottles, tubs, 55 gallon drums, and the occasional helpless forest animal.

Funny how you mention COD when no one mentioned COD? Insecure much? Or are you just a BF Fanboy?
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Ace_Pheonix  +   1632d ago
I wouldn't say it's more accurate by any means. It is a very reliable weapon, and cheap to manufacture. 7.62x39 however is a large and slow round. It has great takedown power, but limited range and penetration. 5.56 is small and fast. Very accurate over a large distance, but once you get over 500 yards it drops quickly. But it lacks the stopping power. That's why I prefer the good 'ol .308. Give me an M-14 any day =D
vortis  +   1632d ago
Jeseth is saying some BS right there.

Customizing an AK47/74 makes all the difference in the world, especially if it has properly adjusted shoulder stocks to LESSEN recoil. Add on a bipod and the thing is rock solid.

Accuracy is based on the shooter, precision varies to the loadout, mods and accessories.
JeffGUNZ  +   1632d ago
@ Vortis.

No, Jeseth is correct. An AK47 is such a great weapon because of it's "to hell and back" reliability. There has been people who found AK-47's from YEARS and YEARS ago buried on battlefield, they loaded it and fired it. Gun worked to perfection. AK's are very popular in many countries because of their reliability. They can go through about anything and still perform.

The M-16 has little to NO recoil, therefore the gun has the potential to be more accurate. I say potential, because complete accuracy is dependent on the shooter. I have shot both weapons at least 500-1000 times throughout my law enforcement career so far, and am a certified tactical firearms instructor and I can tell you the M-16 is more accurate and easier to shoot than an AK. I would MUCH rather take and M-16 or even the civilian based AR-15 to battle then an AK.

Also, don't bring up AK74, that guns recoil is just absurd.

Alot of places around the country have ranges that let you rent out some of these guns. Definitely experience it for yourself and you'll tell instantly.

That is not saying that an AK-47 in the right hand is DEADLY, but overall, the M-16 is a more user-friendly gun which can pinpoint a threat with ease.

Lastly, why the hell would anyone ever put a bipod on a AK? Don't give me "Accuracy" nonsense. If you need a bipod for an assault rifle so you can hit your threat, you shouldn't be carrying he rifle. Also, in my experience, I have never seen ANYONE put a bipod on an AK.
k2d  +   1632d ago
*BI*-pods, like in this vid, are pretty standard.
OdinX  +   1632d ago
@Ace_Pheonix I thought the M14 shoots 7.62mm rounds?
Elwenil  +   1632d ago

A .308 IS 7.62mm in the most general sense. In terms of ammunition, .308 is the same as a 7.62mm though .308 is the civilian round and 7.62 is the NATO designation for the military round.
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CrimsonEngage  +   1631d ago
malol  +   1632d ago
page not working for me
Sharkie43  +   1632d ago
Sadly MW3 will own this game.
Miiikeyyy  +   1632d ago
With the inferior graphics, the lack of tanks/jet/helicopters, smaller battles, crappy animations, bad sound effects, easy-to-grasp gameplay....Yeah, think MW3 will own.

Just cus it sells doesn't mean it's better.
#6.1 (Edited 1632d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
jeseth  +   1632d ago
MW3 will sell 30 million units.

BF3 will be a wild success if it sells 10 million units.

So in a matter of words, yes. MW3 will own all! COD is more Powerful than Mario, Master Chief, or Kratos right now. That crap fest Black Ops sol.d 25 million copies . . . MW3 will sell more than that as Infinity Ward and teh MW sector of the COD franchise are what really drives the COD brand now.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   1632d ago

Too bad Infinity Ward isn't Infinity Ward anymore. It only has the name. The best of the devs jumped ship with West and Zamp. a long time ago.
skip2mylou  +   1632d ago
its not even infinty ward making the game did you see how many different devs they needed to make a horrible game that is mw even worse
NiKK_419  +   1631d ago
I will say that MW3 will most likely sell a lot more than BF3, but yeah, that doesn't make it better. I will be getting both, but with COD I already know what to expect, and BF3 is gonna be awesome. Will definitely be on BF3 a lot, but because of college, sadly, I probably won't get much time with it. I haven't plugged the ps3 back in once since I started college... Sad, I know.
4pocalyps3  +   1632d ago
Erm calm down Jeseth. It is not bigger than Mario or Master chief. Both in sales and worldwide acclaim. Jeez could people stay on topic and talk about BF3 for once.

EDIT: Sorry reply to wrong person.
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MARKUS_MAX1MUS  +   1632d ago
lol the sweep kick is epic!

All they need to do to make this the perfect game is add in more factions, take away the need to jump through hoops to get into a game
I dont want to have to boot up Origin to play my retail game and a browser based server sounds like an atrocious idea to me......what if your browser isnt working? you cant play the game, dont see why this would be an anti piracy will be hacked withing the first month.

Anyone who played the alpha have any feedback on this convoluted method of getting into a game? my mate said it was dodgy and prone to freezing plus you apparently have to refresh alot....which is kind of annoying.
belal  +   1632d ago
haha those guys are funny...
momthemeatloaf  +   1632d ago
Why isn't there a no-respawn game mode? What are Dice on drugs? How are they ever gonna bring in competitive gaming?
MidnytRain  +   1632d ago
Battlefield matches are kind of long. Nothing would get done if no one came back. Also, what happens when your anti-vehicle guys are gone? You'd get raped by tanks and what-not. I personally don't like no-respawn in objective-based games. They all just devolve into deathmatch.
vortis  +   1632d ago
I'm torn on this topic because I was thinking about the same thing that momthemeatloaf mentioned.

However, you are correct: the the typical "team survival mode" only works when you don't have objectives or 64+ players all vying to control the battlefield.

Usually with objectives I find myself having to make a few sacrifices for the overall team, and I have no idea how players could make advances in a survival mode setting.
andreasx  +   1632d ago
LOL!!! go back to yor SnD in mw2!!
trenso1  +   1632d ago
yea i hope QSing doesnt make it in the game either. but its battlefield and he was QSing a person who wasnt trying to kill him and it took him two shots. so even if you have retards trying to QS thinking its COD they will meet a very quick i see how its a big deal but they wont be much of threat when they are near the objective and bullets start flying
peowpeow  +   1632d ago
They both were standing still. You can quickscope in BC2 aswell, but I see this only as a problem for consoles unless there's no aim assist.
Northtouch  +   1632d ago
Exactly, BC2 let you put attachments such as a red dot sight on a sniper. But honestly Quick scoping wasnt that much of a problem in that game.
I dont think it will be here to.
trenso1  +   1631d ago
yea i dont think there is aim assist on consoles so that wont be a problem and yea ive done a couple spazzed quickscopes in effort to live in Bc2 but its now where as easy as in mw2. so i doubt it will be abused.

@northtouch yea i like red dot on my snipers when im attacking and staying with the team works really well on the Gol and the Vss defended an mcom by my self with the Gol rds
tc389   1632d ago | Spam
M-Easy  +   1632d ago
Are there seriously no kill cams or at least have the camera look to where the kill shot came from? Please don't let this be another MOH
Farsendor1  +   1632d ago
i would hate the freaking game if they had a kill cam like call of duty has battlefield bad company 2 has sort of a kill cam but the maps are so freaking huge i doubt you could find the person that killed you unless they are camping.
M-Easy  +   1632d ago
Yeah I like how BFB2 does it. I can find the campers. But in MOH the campers ruled the game that's why it was such a failure. Just show me where the guy who killed me is.
net123456  +   1632d ago
No its easy to find the people through kill-cam in bbc2 if you know the maps. You already have the general direction and unless its a sniper in the woods I am mostly right were they are. If people dont move from the place they shot me they have a high chance to be killed by me. Some are clever though and position themselfs in a way that makes it very hard to tell where they were.

But if kill-cam is such an annoyance there is still hard-core mode.
Brownghost  +   1632d ago
now i love that also i love taking out a knife to do a kill instead of a magical knife that appears in a blink of an eye every-time i press the thumb stick
CommonCent  +   1632d ago
Hmm it seems that jeseth guy up top is a little bitch.
Ascalon94  +   1632d ago
this game is reminding me too much of BC2, it necessarily isnt a bad thing but I wish it had the same feel as BF2.
caboose32  +   1632d ago
Did you try the Alpha at all?
Ascalon94  +   1632d ago
no and I know Im judging too quickly but from watching the clip it just seems to much like BC2.
caboose32  +   1631d ago
Yea I understand though man, in reality it actually feels nothing like bc2. It moves and plays completely different.

The only thing that resembles bc2 to me are the colors and the UI of the game and that might be why. And also since it isnt showing the 64-player conquest.

But yea man, give the beta a try when it comes out and you will be surprised.
HellzAssassin  +   1631d ago
I was in the Alpha and honestly, it felt more like BF2 then BC2... And I don't know about you, but judging from the videos it looks much more like BF2 then BC2... We'll see when the game comes out though :)
Ascalon94  +   1631d ago
I really hope Im proved wrong and I really wish I could run this game on my pc.
Ethereal  +   1632d ago
kamakaz3md  +   1632d ago
thats not even the same crap quickscoping in cod. In cod its alot quicker and crappier.
annus  +   1632d ago
From everything I've seen on quickscoping, everyone who does it doesn't fully zoom in. They basically tap the zoom in, and before the gun is brought up to zoom in they shoot. Clearly in this video the person zooms right into the scope before shooting, so you are right, it is nothing like CoD's quick scoping.
kamakaz3md  +   1632d ago
yea... its just crazy how real bf3 is and how arcadey cod is. Imagine doing a quickscope in real life, how it works in bf3 is how it would work in real life. its odd, but deff diff from cod idk
optimus  +   1632d ago
i wonder if anyone else noticed that the guy he was trying to knife had his left arm appear and dissapear, not to mention at one point he was "holding" a gun without actually having one...granted this can be called a glitch and they have time to fix but if they don't then i predict constant downloadable updates for this game...which may not be a big deal for those that have cable internet but i'm on dsl and these updates can take several minutes for me.
M-Easy  +   1632d ago
The game is not even scheduled for release for another 2 months.
optimus  +   1628d ago
...and i believe i addressed that...goes to show that people around here make a habit of taking things out of context.
clockworkrazor  +   1632d ago

I agree with GrieverSoul and the others games like Battlefield and even Call of Duty dont need all these punk kids trying to prove something ta the rest of the world by quickscoping and tbagging.

Those are the two main reasons I will never play another Halo game online EVER. plus the Halo community is by far the most immature community online.
Too bad as Halo is a good game.
PixL  +   1632d ago
Those kids will quickly get owned and leave shouting 'what a crappy game'. DICE will get their share from sold copies, though. And it's always nice to teach them that there are shooters in which quick reflexes is not enough to rule. A win-win situation.
vortis  +   1632d ago
Right on, brother.

All those CoD clones (and CoD itself) rely on finger-reflex and mild auto-aim. Whoever squeezes off more rounds first and the fastest, wins. Pretty gay.

I like in Battlefield that you can help your team win a match just by securing a location, or laying down suppression fire while an anti-tank team moves in to take out opposing forces. I love stuff like that because it really feels intense and immersive.
latinalover  +   1632d ago
tbagging is funny. i never done tbagging before.
JellyJelly  +   1632d ago
At first I couldn't hear what language they were speaking but after a while it became clear that what I heard was a severe case of "blattesvenska".
doughboy2008  +   1632d ago

Could you shut up with your "I KNOW GUNS DERP DERP" crap. I'm so tired of idiots googling this crap and then saying I know everything! And I really truly doubt you have a "Ex-Marine" friend. So please for your own good shut up about this 3.45 inch bullet crap.
bloodybutcher  +   1632d ago
ak47 does not have big recoil if you don´t start spraying half of the doesn´t even need bipod when you are prone,if you hold it right and go with 3 bullets bursts then there shouldn´t be a problem with targets up to 200m.can´t say with more distance because i did not shoot n targets further then was ak47s btw.
Arkhamz  +   1631d ago
its funny how the bf3 fanboys keep saying "oh it's a game, it doesn't need to be realistic" and then take the piss out of cod for not being realistic. Cod doesn't try to say it's realistic,heck we all know that already.
KendrickGLS  +   1631d ago
Well both DICE, and Infinity Ward are trying to put more realistic in their games as from what I read in the GameInformers. Operation Flashpoint is the only war game where you can get injured, and limping, or even get killed with a single bullet to the head. And I also think It's the worst war game ever. For any of you that played Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising or Red River tell me what you think of that crap. Battlefield is just fine how it is. Forget that stupid CoD, Activision, and Infinity Ward!
trenso1  +   1631d ago
well i dont know any games where you can limp that sounds cool though. but kz2 and BC2 both have one bullet head shot kills with any gun
Archmagel  +   1631d ago
The video is hilarious, and shows some of the finer points of the game. It may have some Alpha glitches, but like it said, they will be fixed. I love how the CoD fan boys(cough* jeseth cough*) have come on here to say how unrealistic this game is in Alpha stage, when we all know that jumping around a corner with a .50 cal blazing would break a mans arm...multiple times. Not to mention the LACK of destruction. We have a way of fixing campers also...just blow up the wall they are hiding behind, or bring the entire building down! I'm not a fanboy, I just like to have my wars be realistic. Ask a CoD fan boy what he will do to a person and he will say shoot him. Ask a CoD fanboy what he will do to a chopper, and he will say shoot it down with an rpg. Ask a CoD fan boy what he will do against an armored division, jets, apc's, and helicopters...he will have nothing to say. War isn't dropping some men in a random area and telling them to kill the opposition. There will be armor, artillery, and many other factors. Wars aren't won with men alone.
MrSent  +   1631d ago
You guys are mental midgets- especially @ Jeseth. THERE IS NO AK47 in BF3. IT'S AN AK74. It uses a smaller caliber round and chamber. You are simply a troll.

"The AK-74 is an adaptation of the 7.62mm AKM assault rifle and features several important design improvements.[3] These modifications were primarily the result of converting the rifle to the intermediate-caliber 5.45x39mm cartridge, in fact, some early models are reported to have been converted AKMs, with the barrel re-sleeved to 5.45x39mm.[6] The result is a more accurate and reliable rifle than the AKM.[3] The AK-74 and AKM share an approximate 50% parts commonality (interchangeable most often are pins, springs and screws)."

Also, stop posting things as fact when they are not the truth.

^where's the AK47? K thx bye
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mago426  +   1631d ago
The guy in the video isn't even using an AK, it's a RPK
zeroskie  +   1631d ago
how is this alpha? looks amazing.
TronEOL  +   1631d ago
So help me god if Quickscoping is in the retail version I will sell it back just as fast as I sold Black Ops. That is unless it has a redeeming Co-op mode/Survival modes. Quickscoping ruins games for me and this is where realism actually helps keep gaming fun.

Getting sniped by a guy running around like he's carrying an assault rifle can be easily compared to games (like Call of Duty) where people die in one or two shots with certain guns.
MrSent  +   1631d ago
The CoD series doesn't require you to take into account bullet ballistics ie bullet drop, target leading.
The Battlefield series does. Quick scoping will be much harder in BF3
TronEOL  +   1630d ago
Bullet drop takes little to no effect when you're up close to someone, you know, where most people quickscope from. So they may have these little gimmicks to make the gunplay seem more "real", but it wont help if you can pull your scope up and fire with pinpoint accuracy in seconds (or less).

I'll be waiting to see what happens with this.
clockworkrazor  +   1631d ago
Some gamers here have mentioned Operation Flashpoint.

Operation flashpoint is almost too realistic and it plays like a sniper based game even with regular mid sized machine guns.

Operation Flashpoint isnt a BAD game its just not very fun and video games are supposed to be FUN otherwise whats the point?
In fact Operation is the opposite of Call of Duty it is basically a combat simulator or at least tries to be. It tries to hard in fact.

Call of Duty of course leans heavily on that arcade rush type of gameplay and has very little strategic elements when compared to battlefield.

Battlefield accomplishes the impossible as it is the best combination of both arcade and simulation type gameplay. its not perfect at least not yet but it is getting so close to FPS perfection that no other FPS this generation will ever catch up to it.

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