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Push-Start: Controversy Surrounds New Voice Talent for Silent Hill HD Collection

Controvery has swept through the wide web in regards to the new voice acting for the upcoming Silent Hill HD Collection, as many fans have concerns that the new voice talent is "rather lacking". (Guy Cihi, Konami, PS3, Silent Hill HD Collection, Xbox 360)

MrSpace  +   1560d ago
Will they listen and try to change it....what this gen has taught me is that Japanese developers are so proud that they don't care about what anyone else wants, they are always right and they don't care what you (the consumer) actually wants
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Tuxedo_Mask  +   1560d ago
After hearing from BioWare about DA2 and Ninja Theory about DmC I think you can take out "Japanese". A lot of developers don't listen to what the consumers want.
MrSpace  +   1559d ago
Yeah but there worse....they started doing this way before some American developers did.
Tuxedo_Mask  +   1558d ago
The only ones I can think of that are Japanese are CAPCOM and to a certain extent SE, although I think SE is more or less just trying to figure out this gen rather than deliberately ignoring their fans. Konami really hasn't upset anyone until now.
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Sticky__Rice  +   1560d ago
It's not the original games without the original voice acting.
Arthas  +   1560d ago
It sounds AWEFUL!
Theyve taken something that could have been so great and ruined the original experience. I hate to say it but I wont be buying this even though I really love Silent Hill. Damn...
kramun  +   1560d ago
I'm glad I've got all the games already on pc, no need for this at all.
BubbleSniper  +   1560d ago
same here bro. Disable the cores through the Task Manager and your SH games run FINE on the PC.
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BubbleSniper  +   1560d ago
talk to Guy here and there on his FB. what the article says is pretty true. Konami needs to pay up! fkn bastards.
-LUKE_SKYWALKER-  +   1560d ago
Word of advice Konami don't MESS with NOSTALGIA.

Capcom is already feeling the consequences and you dont want this type of press.
Acquiescence  +   1560d ago
Silent Hill 2 was almost a perfect game, hindered by the fact...
that none of the so called actors in the game could actually act. We all associate James Sunderland with Guy Cihi, but the truth of the matter is that he made Tommy Wiseau look like Laurence Olivier. Especially by todays standards, some of those cut-scenes are just painful to get through. These legal matters surrounding Konami and Cihi are a blessing in disguise as they've enabled industry veterans to come along and apply their craft to improve the cut-scenes and the game as a whole. Who cares if you've become accumstomed to the actors from before; that's what the original versions of the game is for. Nobody's burning them up in a great big fire.
STONEY4  +   1560d ago
Except the new VAs are quite terrible. James high-ish somewhat whiny voice fit with his character who was in denial of the truth, and always running from his fears. Eddie sounded like a derranged killer. While I admit the voices themselves were somewhat bad, the emotional segments wern't overdone like the new VAs.

They even got rid of the intentional voice-grain in the camcorder-flashback scenes, and removed the element of Mary sometimes using Maria's voice in a attempt to confuse the player.
-LUKE_SKYWALKER-  +   1560d ago
Here is my list of the worst gaming developer/Publisher this gen

Activision - 3 Words Call of Duty

EA - Exclusive NFL license, shipping games unfinished, buying up small developers and bleeding the life out of them. Miss the old Bioware

Sega - I think you know the reasons

Lionhead - For over hyping games to the points of no return and then not delivering on a lot of the things that were promised

UBI Soft - For consolizing the Rainbow 6 & Ghost Recon series and for making the Splinter Cell franchise suck even more

Bethesda. - Releasing glitchy and unfinished games, also for trying to own the word Scrolls

Valve - They're games are meh and use a last gen engine. The only game they developed that this gen that is interesting is Portal 2. Also h8 them for making me wait this long for EP 3

Remedy - For turning your back on the PC community and for selling out and downgrading a game that had potential

SquareEnix. - They've sacrificed quality completely, time and again with some of the most beloved franchises in gaming.

Guerrilla Games - Expected more from them since Sony backed them with so much money and resources. Hope Sony see that Naughty Dog is the real thing and not GG.

Capcom - No respect for fans and always giving us the middle finger

Konami - Article is the reason
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tack129  +   1560d ago
Activision: Agreed, plus milking GH to death and shutting down True Crime.

EA: Partially agree but meh I don't care.

Sega: Please elaborate?

Lionhead: Partially agree but unnecessary.

Ubisoft: meh

Bethesda: Agreed but I'm not going to boycott them like with Activision.

Valve: ...

Remedy: No comment as I don't know what they did.

SquareEnix: I agree with that yes but again no boycott.

Guerrilla Games: I agree, so disappointed with KZ3 but they can still redeem themselves but it will be difficult.

Capcom: Different market strategy I'd say. Which is hurting them in the long run.

Konami: I don't mind the voiceovers but I see why people don't like the new ones since it messes with nostalgia.
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Lazy_Sunday  +   1560d ago
With no nostalgia, you just can't enjoy something that outdated.
I've always wanted an HD remake to be a remake through a different angle. Stick to what made the first game great, but bring it into the modern. They do this with the cinema, why not in video games?

Nostalgia is great for gaming. I remember growing up with Super Mario NES and Sonic 1-3d on the Genesis, Goldeneye 64, and beating the Pokemon league on Red, Blue and Yellow. Good times.
However, I also remember watching Batman. Look where that is now with the Dark Knight. Now go back to Adam West and tell me you aren't laughing your ass off.

The times have changed, that's why you're laughing or bored to death. And that may be because you never saw the old Batman show. People who did say it got that entertainment value, but since you didn't, you think it sucks. And it's the same thing with video games.

I know they didn't have the translation voice talent they do today in the old times of PS1 games, but what the fuck are you guys talking about here? Now, I've never played Silent Hill--I know, it's CRAZY! But I can say for sure that the old voice actors are just awful. Even the quality of the recording sounds like a bad long distance phone call--all fuzzy and compressed. The only good thing I can say is that the new ones (while cheesy) are actually lip synced.

In either situation, I would never pick up a game with such shitty voice acting. Pre-HD or not, it's a serious mood killer, and I am not sold. If they want real voices, Konami does have an American division--they should hire real talent.

Regardless, they should actually re-make Silent Hill for this generation. I've heard it's a great game (when it was) but I can never pick it up and play it now, since it's so outdated.
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rmedtx888  +   1560d ago
I think it's better than the original. Eddie sounds more like a real person now. Before it sounded kind of comic.
Alos88  +   1559d ago
I can just about tolerate James and Maria, but Eddie has got to go, he doesn't sound right at all.
hazelamy  +   1559d ago
i quite like the new maria, not sure about the new james yet.

but you're right though, they've gone for totally the wrong voice for eddie.
hazelamy  +   1559d ago
if silent hill fans are up in arms over the new voices in the silent hill hd collection, just wait till they see book of memories.

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