Gamespot: A Few Thoughts From Bethesda's Latest Skyrim Demo

Gamespot: "One of Bethesda's loftiest claims about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is that this is a much bigger game than its predecessor, Oblivion. On the surface, that seems dubious: the two world maps are almost identical in size, so you've got more or less the same amount of room for exploring that you did before.

But Skyrim is less about running from point A to point B than it is about setting off from point A and getting so hopelessly distracted by all the things you find along the way that you've begun to wonder what's so great about point B anyway. It is, in other words, a lot more dense with features and reasons to go exploring. Here are some that grabbed our attention from a demo Bethesda showed us earlier today at Gamescom 2011:"

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Skate-AK2495d ago

I want PS3 footage DAMNIT!

RufustheKing2495d ago

you know they wont, they always treat ps3 like Sh*t. it will be a great game but thats after they fix the bugs :(

Skate-AK2495d ago

Yeah for real I just hope the framerate isn't all over the place.

Bonobo123452495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

me too, I really want to get this game for the PS3, but if it's not looking too great I'll just get it for PC.

I just like playing these games with a controller.

RufustheKing2495d ago

i do too like these games with controller. i do plan to buy it for Ps3 and get it on Pc later on down the line for the mods. I just wish they stopped letting MS buy them out everything. if it wasn't for the Xbox the games who look alot better instead of habing to fit it on a dvd.

skeletonss2495d ago

damn rufus, are you always this bitter about video games?

aawells072494d ago

Hey buddy you can still get it for PC and still use an xbox360 controller thats what i do and been doing for a while now most games nowadays are already set up for it and you dont have to do nothing but plud a wired controller in and your good to go. Im sure you already knew that but thought if ya didnt id fill ya in and besides the PC version will have mods and that alone is so huge that imo you wont want to miss out on that.

Bonobo123452494d ago (Edited 2494d ago )


The thing is, I want to use my DS3 (as I don't own a 360 controller) and overall I prefer it anyway.
It's not easy as people say to a DS3 hooked up to PC, I thought I had everything working but the analog sticks refused to work.
It was a painful process that drove me nuts, and I will not be attempting it again. Other difficulties include the fact that a lot of games don't support joypad and the HUD on many games becomes ridiculously inefficient while using a controller. ( I know about mods lol I have over 250 on my oblivion and fallout, I will get it on PC eventually but I will always play the game vanilla before modding it)

lol @ the disagree on my original post, I have my own reasons for wanting to play this game with a controller, and that only has to do with my own mentality.
For me Immersion is very important with a game like skyrim, and I get a greater sense of immersion while using a controller than compared with KB/M. It has nothing to do with precision or accuracy.. I like to get 'lost' in the world for the few hours I play, while using a KB/M I don't get the same sense of immersion. Additionally I can change the way I sit many, many more ways with a controller, While I play games with KB/M (I have the KB by my side on my bed and my mouse on a notepad on my lap) I cannot maintain efficient position for very long because I get uncomfortable, the fact that I always need a smooth surface for the mouse limits my mobility while playing a game. With a controller I do not get this problem.

I may just buy a 360 controller for this game if the PS3 version is severely gimped (I'm sure it will not be) but it would feel wasteful to buy if while not owning a 360, maybe I could borrow one, but even with the 360 controller the HUD problem will be present as I'm sure the HUD in Skyrim will be designed with KB/M efficiency in mind. ( But I'm pretty sure I'll skip a lot of hassle and just get the PS3 version )

Fragger2k82494d ago

I think this was the tutorial I watched around a couple years ago when I was trying to get my PS3 controller working on my PC under XP. If you scroll down, you'll see there are also some instructions under the video.

I'm sure there's a better way to go about doing it now, but I haven't had the need to try and find one since it works great for me. I don't remember it being all that hard to do either.

Also, check out for an awesome program for setting up your own controls, as well as for setting up mouse control with an analog stick. I believe it works with PS3 controllers.

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Miths2494d ago

I wouldn't mind some PS3 footage either. I expect I'll buy the PC version at some point for all the mods that will no doubt be released - and the better framerate and graphics - but I'm very tempted to buy the PS3 version first and enjoy it with a controller and in "pseudo 3D" (2D to 3D conversion, which has proved quite impressive in a lot of video content and some games) on my 51" 3D TV.

And before all the usual "you can connect your PC to your TV" argument start rolling in :). Yes I can, but in my living room not without jumping through hoops to get it connected and positioned keyboard and mouse in a manner where I can actually use them without sitting hunchbacked over a coffee table.

Stealth2k2495d ago

But less solid quests overall than oblvion and more random "fetch questy types"

Jocosta2494d ago

The Skyrim demo has a few thoughts? Is this some new fancy tech or what?

BattleTorn2494d ago

Wow that has me wanting Skyrim, even more!

I might actually pick up my preorder and have to wait till I have 100+hrs to play. (might be busy with FPS releases)

I would LIKE to get this on PS3, but from what they've been showing it seems the X360 is more likely to have a smoother experience.

I terms a Immersion, PC has best graphics, and PS3 has the potential to be second best, but X360 is being demo'd more, I find a smoother game is most important.

I guess I'll keep my pre-order for X360 until further footage.

(same goes for RAGE unfortunitly, I need to see more PS3)