Edge- Xenoblade Chronicles Review

Edge: "The story is fast-paced and engaging, with regular set-pieces to reward investment. A strong, characterful translation from Nintendo helps enormously, while the all-British voice cast gives the game’s key characters an uncommon, fresh tone. But the greatest triumph is that, unusually for a JRPG, many of the best stories in the game aren’t prescribed, but instead generated by your own inquisitiveness.

Wonders and terrors are equally positioned in 
the world to imbue even the slightest diversion off 
the beaten track with drama and anticipation. When married to one of the strongest battle systems in the genre and a cast of characters and story that twist convention, this world becomes irresistible. It’s a 
potent return to form for Takahashi, then, a glowing comeback for the Japanese RPG, and an injection of creativity for some tired hardware. Xenoblade Chronicles manages to impress, enrich and, best of all, inspire wonder."

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Brasi822375d ago

I hope this comes to the States. I want it!!

NewMonday2375d ago

probably the best JRPG in the last 5 years and you cant even import it with the region lock.

videoxgamexfanboy2375d ago

its close but i think lost odyssey is by far the best jrpg this gen

smilydude132375d ago

I haven't played Xenoblade yet so I won't comment on if Lost Odyssey is better or not.

However I would like to agree that Lost Odyssey was one of the most special and underrated games this generation. It absolutely has one of the most touching stories I've encountered, video games or otherwise.

Troll-without-Bridge2375d ago

Is. The only thing that comes close to it is dragon quest 9.

PSjesus2375d ago

Hack your Wii and drop it in your USB hard drive(region free).

jacksonmichael2375d ago

Personally, I would like a sequel (or even a series)... So if possible, I want to give them my money.

guitar_nerd_232375d ago

In all fairness he could mean rip a retail copy.

I have to admit I rip my ps1 games to play on my phone at lunchtime.

Honky Kong2375d ago

or hack your wii and import it. show some love.

guitar_nerd_232375d ago

I like it so far, I'm not sold on the voices but the jap voice track is there as an option.

Honky Kong2375d ago

its probably as bad... but its good to switch now and then