TGH: Anarchy Reigns Preview

TGH Writes: When a bunch of prolific game developers left their respective studios and got together to create their own, one would think that anything they produce could either be absolute tosh or pure brilliance in digital form. Some people would still say that what Platinum Games have released has been more on the side of tosh, however those people would be fools.

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ferelinstincts2676d ago

I haven't heard much about this game but it looks interesting. : )

2676d ago
Brownghost2676d ago

platinum games are amazing and have great talent if only they made the devil may cry reboot they have great experience thanks to bayonetta

Ultr2676d ago

wow they would have been perfect!
but, most of them are ex-capcom-developers, so there is a reason why they dont want to develop for them. Anyway, would be better choice than ninja theory...

Brownghost2675d ago

actually the people who left capcom to make platinum games are ex clover studio people who only made games like okami and viewtiful joe