2K Marin Developing an Xbox 360 Exclusive

Despite not having the same number of first party studios as Sony or Nintendo, Microsoft has generally managed to keep up with their rivals when it comes to exclusive titles. However, with more and more developers moving on to Kinect, or going multiplatform, the 360's core exclusive lineup is looking rather weak. Fret not 360 fans, Bioshock 2 developers 2K Marin are working a 360 exclusive.

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T3mpr1x2678d ago

That candidate description makes me feel ALIVE!

Istanbull2678d ago

"Microsoft has generally managed to keep up with their rivals when it comes to exclusive titles"

Are u kidding me? We're almost September 2011 and 360 didnot even have 1 exclusive this year while PS3 has had AAA and AA games in almost every month!

Bioshock 2 was WEAK! It felt like Bioshock 1.5, no wonder it was made by a different dev than the original Bioshock.

nilamo2678d ago

Where exactly are these AAA and AA exclusives you get every month, cause all i've seen are flops.

xPhearR3dx2677d ago

Even if you don't like them, Kinect games are still exclusives. Same with their Arcade games. MS has always had a very strong line-up with their Arcade titles. Toy Soldiers: Cold War is a perfect example.

kaveti66162677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

When you only have one bubble, you have to make it count.

Istanbull has been showing an aggressive determination to troll as efficiently as possible. He scans articles night and day looking for the right opportunity to put in his two cents.

He know that despite his obvious allegiance to the PS3 console, he's not going to be earning bubbles any time soon.

Him and Firemassacre are part of a larger group of multi-account veterans who like to take one for the team repeatedly.

TheDivine2677d ago

So what last year the 360 had 2-3x the exclusives as the ps3, in the first 2 years it has WAY more exclusives. Besides its quality not quantity. Last i enjoyed alan wake, metro 2033, sc conviction, fable 3, me2, reach, crackdown 2 where on ps3 i played gow3 and heavy rain. Consoles have slow periods besides this year has so many epic multiplats i dont mind. Loved bioshock and i just picked up bioshock 2 again after a 9 month break and im as hooked as i was in part 1. Great developer hope its not a kinect game.

omi25p2677d ago

Give it a break, Microsoft announce Brand New exclusive and here you are bringing sony into the topic. This is an XBOX article not a PS3 one.

Also microsoft have 3 AAA core exclusives coming out in the last part of the year. Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, Forza 4 and Gears of War 3.

PirateThom2677d ago

Microsoft didn't announce anything, 2K announced they were looking for a lead designer for a game which happens to be on 360.

I think the whole thing is a bit of a stretch to assume it's a 360 exclusive based on a job listing.

Dante1122677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

@ nilamo

Idk man, Sony's games have scored and sold pretty well this year (LBP2, MLB The Show 2011, Infamous 2, Killzone 3). Unless you consider games that scored in the 90-80s flops.

Edit: Thinking on it now, are you the same guy that said GT5 flopped in the forums recently lol?

kingdoms2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

People boast every year how PS3 has the best lineup but by the time the end of the years come the 360 has had just as many if not more exclusives. The count quietly gets forgotten for a few weeks where the myth gets started all over again annually.

PS3 fanboys may selectively dismiss what constitutes as a exclusive worthy of argument but games like Kinect Sports 2 will push hundreds of thousands of 360s despite your lack of recognition.

Do you think Microsoft cares if millions of people in one group are buying the 360 for Halo, Witcher 2 and the other group buying millions of 360s for Sesame Street and kinect Starwars in the next 7 months? Who cares what you say more consoles sold means more console support for me regardless of the type of games I play.


Istanbul pm's me and told me after a heated exchanged he was a member called >NASIM< and he would pm me with all of his accounts until I stopped speaking my mind here. All these guys are the same guy.

Anyways Microsoft had a conceale until ready to reveal for marketing approach" Sony on the other hand has had a hype!!! the sh!t out of the game as soon as It's on the conceptual drawing board. It's not hard for Sony to win the propaganda wars each year doing this. This why ps3 games on lineup lists for any given year are often on lists for 2 to 4 years before actually release(lies and delays)

BlindGuardian2677d ago

more Kinect crap on the horizon

BlindGuardian2677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )


PS3 2011 so far:

LittleBigPlanet 2
Killzone 3
Yakuza 4
MLB The Show
PS Move Heroes
Mod Nation Racers
Socom 4
Motorstorm 3
Infamous 2
No More Heroes

(that's 10 games in 8 months)

360 2011 so far:


xPhearR3dx2677d ago


Sorry bud but Modnation Racers came out LAST year. I know because I owned it. Great game, underrated IMO.

As far as the rest of your list, most of those games are MEH anyway, especially SOCOM 4, such a crap game. Only one even worth mentioning is LBP2 and maybe inFamous 2. Sony can pump out 100 retail exclusives in a year and I could care less. Quality > Quantity.

TheDareDevil2677d ago

About Istanbull in his own words

"Turkish loyal PlayStation fan, also a Sega fanboy. "

Where does the 'we' come in your comment then? Stop talking like you don't have a PS3 and have a 360. It's clearly not the case

YodaCracker2677d ago


Trneched, Bastion, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, From Dust, Toy Soldiers: Cold War, and Ms. 'Splosion Man would like to have a word with you, sir.

kingslayer10002677d ago

we know 360 hasn't been getting many exclusives, but dont tell the truth you'll get disagrees out the ass

kingslayer10002677d ago

We know the 360 hasn't had many exclusives, but don't tell the truth about it you'll get a massive amount of disagrees

SuperSaiyan42677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

Gears of War 3 and Halo Anniversary are Xbox 360 exclusives both of which are AAA and coming out this year, Gears 3 in September and Halo anniversary in Nov.

evrfighter2677d ago

exclusives are going to be overshadowed by the multiplats this year anyway...

not sure why you guys care so much.

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Cmpunk2677d ago

bet you anything it's a kinect game

Gray-Fox-Type02677d ago


Gears Of War 3
Forza 4
Halo CE Anniversary
Witcher 2 ( Console Exclusive )

that some strong games there

theEx1Le2677d ago

People will slaughter you for mentioning the witcher, but yet so many agrred with BlindGuardians mentioning of No more heroes, which was a wii game.

fluffydelusions2678d ago

I hope it's not Kinect related

Simon_Brezhnev2678d ago

I got a strong feeling it is Kinect related.


Bioshock mechanics with Kinect sound like it would be pretty cool.

I would love to push my right hand to throw a swarm of bees at someone.

I think Kinect needs a NAV controller with 2 buttons on the front and 1 bush down button on the thumb analog stick.

StrongMan2678d ago

First of all, you would "throw a swarm of bees at someone" with your LEFT hand, not "right hand".

Second, wouldn't it defeat the purpose of Kinect if it had a controller with buttons?

SixZeroFour2677d ago

i hate when ppl think like you strongman

"Second, wouldn't it defeat the purpose of Kinect if it had a controller with buttons?"

yes, we get it, it was marketed as a controller-less experience, but where in the fine print does it say its limited to being only a controller-less experience? it already has controller-less games (quality of which are debatable), and could possibly have kinect+controller games as well, still wouldnt take away the fact that you are still using the kinect to an extent for a motion controlled experience

shikamaroooo2678d ago

I hope not too. But at Sony's e3 conference the bioshock dev bashed motion controller just before he said he was working on something for psv

Forbidden_Darkness2677d ago

Don't forget he announced Bioshock Infinite will have Playstation Move support

IM_A_NINJA2678d ago

Microsoft has already said that almost every Xbox 360 exclusive will have some sort of Kinect integration. It just depends on how much. Apparently Ryse can be used with Kinect or without, hopefully this is the same way. Not because I hate Kinect, as I actually like the device and own one, but because I like games to be able to reach a wider audience, having it use both Kinect and or a standard controller would allow that.

Then everyone could get what they wanted, Kinect (optional) or standard controller (optional) Win/win.

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R4MBO2678d ago

2K make some great games, hopefully they deliver another awesome title.

doctorstrange2677d ago

They have a great track record


Does 2K Marine only make sea/ocean/water based games? I know its a silly question but just wondering.

Trexman892678d ago

"This either makes you a genius, or insane, or both. Such distinctions are irrelevant - you're down to earth like that."

if they are lookin for insane, then I got some good news for them :D

StrongMan2678d ago (Edited 2678d ago )

Probably some kind of on rails Bioshock spin off for Kinect. They figure if would be cool to throw plasmids by waving your left arm.