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Submitted by Joystick Radio 2940d ago | news

Massive Lagg Over Xbox Live

Several people have been experiencing lag on Xbox live for the past few days why we aren't sure but it may have something to do with the fall update. Some of the problems that people are having is people getting kicked out of games, taking much longer than usual to join or get people into a game lobby, taking awhile ( or not eve accebting the chats with an error message) to accept chats and send messages and many others. (Xbox, Xbox 360)

Update Update:
Major Nelson had posted that there will be Xbox Live Maintenance For the date of 11/13/07 If you don't know thats tomorrow.

Maintenance will begin at 0000 while the Xbox LIVE service maintenance will begin at 0100.

This is for maintenance only, there will be no new features that will appear on, your dashboard or Xbox Live when we return to service. It’s not time for the dashboard update…yet.

FirstknighT  +   2940d ago
I haven't seen it. I been playing Halo 3 daily and lag has not been an issue.
chasegamez  +   2940d ago
dfcm2003  +   2940d ago
LOL, Man that was funny. lol
C_SoL  +   2940d ago
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahaha!!!!
mesh1  +   2940d ago
no lag at all i smell a lie
power of Green  +   2940d ago
Could be anything
Its been known to lag on a large scale, when
I was booted out of Lost Planet when MSFT released the BioShock demo I knew it was MSFT adding the demo then the traffic that followed. It does happen(everybody knew it was comming that caused the issues).

Could be anything this post is almost spam(boy I wish it had something to do with testing-fall update kind of silly assuming so.

It is not a stretch to think MSFT is indeed testing future add-ons but where is the proof in this post?.

"Massive Lagg Over Xbox Live"

" Several people have been experiencing lag "
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power of Green  +   2940d ago
What do you dissagree with?.
bym051d  +   2940d ago
Will the people who knocked the PSN for problems today admit that any online system is going to have some issues, whether you pay $50 a year or not?
power of Green  +   2940d ago
Most had sense enough not to attack PSN.
The reasons are hard to say but I doubt they're the same. People always complain as there is always people having problems.

I'd be suprized if this wasn't a revenge post somebody looking in forums and websites looking to find a counter to the COD post.

Its kind of silly though to be so desperate somebody looked for bad news to counter the other bad news when the nature of the bad news they found to counter the first bad news is about a very big positve peice of good news(dizzy yet).
toughNAME  +   2940d ago
no problems here
DrPirate  +   2940d ago
Could be them uploading the fall update.
ddldave  +   2940d ago
jump in.. woops i mean lag in. 360 fanboys must be pissed, paying 50 bucks a year for a laggy online. my cousin has a ps3 and it's free online with no lag at all.
candystop  +   2940d ago
Nope not pissed at all and loving it for years. One day lag will be obselete and when that day comes we will all be happy campers.
GIJeff  +   2940d ago
Thats what
DDLDave was saying, with the PS3 lag is obsolete. :) brain lag too?
jaja1434  +   2940d ago
Or could it be thats because the PSN has a fraction that LIVE has?

Of course I have nothing against PSN but if your going to troll your going to get a troll response.
Martini  +   2940d ago
This is some lame stuff - the link from the Joystick story takes you to a forum with 5 posts where 2 people are saying they have some issues. :)
Martini  +   2940d ago
Only took them 24hr to find 2 people complaining about XBL so they can make a story out of it on N4G. :):)
power of Green  +   2940d ago
#8 has a point...
A couple million new users in just several weeks time will cause issues stop dissagreeing with everybody in the thread. Its not the same thing as whats causing COD4 issues on PSN. You would have to be a fool to think theres not an sh8t load of things going on with MSFT dinking around with XBL( ,fall update testing, new traffic issues and maintenance prep).

I mean come on #5 says he's not having problems and he gets a rabid disagree. lol
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jctoyou  +   2940d ago
microsoft are tinkering with xbox live,they are beginning to panic about HOME dont you think?
Joystick Radio  +   2940d ago
FYI just thought I would let your guys know that the link that was on's news post was just a reference to others having the lag problem. We hadn't even seen there forums post until people on our xbox live friend list was having complaints about the lag so we thought we would do a little investigating around some forums and what do you know we found one. I have 101 friend and most are having this problem.
Snukadaman  +   2940d ago
How do you have 5 games on your gamertag and you have no achievment points whatsoever???
you got too be kidding me with that man......
Whoooop  +   2940d ago
bu bu but bu bu bub bububu bub bu bu bu bu bu buub bub bu bu
bu bu bu but but bu bu bu bu but y y y yo yo you g g g ge ge get

get get wh wha wha what y y yo you p p pa pa pay f f f fo

razer  +   2940d ago
It's working fine.. So go eat some more biscuits and watch a Blu-ray movie.
GIJeff  +   2940d ago
thats too funny whooooop. :)
Bnet343  +   2940d ago
err huh?
im good ...
razer  +   2940d ago
What a big piece of non-news... Because a half dozen people out of a million say they are having lag???? I've been on it for a couple hours and haven't had any problems.

Then you have a couple of wack PS3tards coming in here spouting their typical $50 a year rubbish and acting like this is some "I TOLD YOU SO!" post because of the PSN problems. What a load of BS.
jctoyou  +   2940d ago
my son has a 360 in his room i have a ps3 downstairs,so i play both but i can tell you there is a lot more lag on xbox live
BLACKJACK VII  +   2940d ago
Well, all i know is I've played COD4 online for the last 2 nights after work, no lag....

just sweet COD4 goodness. Was it a daytime thing ???
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Snukadaman  +   2940d ago
seems that xbl is down as we speak...
cant even get on a game..but this lag horsesheit...havent seen no sort of massive lag in the past few days....jesus...imagine the outrage if some idiot posted this news about PSN....not many throwing a fit like their favorite toy is being smashed..just people saying its bs....this is the difference between the immature and the mature..
ActionBastard  +   2940d ago
PSN is free so why whine about a free service being down? Paying for something that doesn't work, as most 360 owners experience, should piss you off.
#15.1 (Edited 2940d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
C_SoL  +   2940d ago
thank you action bastard...bubbles for you...
Snukadaman  +   2940d ago
and here is a great example of that maturity.....
One idiot says why complain when you pay for a service.....hey stupid..theres more of a reason too paying for it....then another idiot whole heartedly agrees with him and his guys are some morons for reals....why dont you pop in spiderman and start crying when he dances in that jazz can watch that sheit in hd too....
ActionBastard  +   2940d ago
Two words: Reading comprehension.
BubblesDAVERAGE  +   2940d ago
i thought that was normal for live
00  +   2940d ago
this is
only happening to me on halo 3.
chitown  +   2940d ago
u guys give me some advice
i cant even acess live. it was working fine yesterday but when i went to use it today i cant sign in. i sign in and then it automatically signs me out. hopefully this is cause of the lag and not my system
Daxx  +   2940d ago
Now that I think about it, some weird things were happening when I was on XBL last Saturday but then it cleared up after a couple of minutes.

They must be getting everything ready for the big fall update.
Boink  +   2940d ago
haven't seen any lag, was playing big team with friends for a few hours last couple of nights...

maybe it's localized?

maybe it's retards trying to play live on AOL?
or maybe more sony fanboys making crap up.
Ahhhh  +   2940d ago
@ddldave- Grow Up.

No problems here... at all. PS3 fanboys need to grow up.. It takes me longer to join games on the PS3 than it does on 360. The only time I have lag on Live is when a host has a shiitty connection, but that's not cause of Live.

People complaining about Live... Stop stealing your neighbors internet.
Get your own, and get a good one.
MattFoley  +   2940d ago
I haven't had any problems either.
Dashmoney101  +   2940d ago
havent had problems myself
but i mean XBL does have over 7 million users. Thats a pretty heavy load to carry.

PS3 people..... dont knock it till ya try it
Surviver  +   2940d ago
Haven't had any problems, earlier though getting online took a little longer, but that is most likely nothing to be concerned about.

On another note...

" Several people have been experiencing lag on Xbox live "

Wow. That many? Is it really noteworthy that "several people" have lag?
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jctoyou  +   2940d ago
they missed out the word millions
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2940d ago
I noticed this in Rainbow
It's just service updates on Live and yes I know this for fact. Sorry Droids just maintnence, you see with most of our games support Live and they have to keep them up and running but guess you wouldn't know that sense many of your games don't :-)
mesh1  +   2940d ago
who cares 360 is still better than the ps3 even tho live was lagging hahaha every internet device lags twats only newbie which we have a kot of thx to these new nextgebconsole scream lag for everything .
Close_Second  +   2940d ago
This posting is disgusting...
This posting lacks answers to several key questions:

- How many Xbox Live users are we talking about?
- What games were they playing and when?
- Who was hosting and where were they based?
- How were their respective ISPs performing at that time?

This posting has been titled and imaged as nothing more than to try shoot down Xbox Live. Whoever approved and posted this story should have such privileges revoked.
Snukadaman  +   2940d ago
you must be new here....
This is starting too be commonplace with this sort of nonsense....sit will only get worst until thse website comes out of beta mode....which could be forever....enjoy.
RRoDx360  +   2939d ago
360 sucks you fu‹kin f4gg0tz. $50 for laaaaag! hahaha get a pc you d0uchebags, free with dedicated servers. every 360 owner knows they made bad decisions by buying a 3fixme
DZNetworks  +   2939d ago
Bye Bye
On ignore you go.
DZNetworks  +   2939d ago
Maybe You
13.1 -
my son has a 360 in his room i have a ps3 downstairs,so i play both but i can tell you there is a lot more lag on xbox live >>>

Maybe you just have poor network connections?

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