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EA Sports: MVP Baseball to Return?

EA Sports has been a leader in football and soccer, but when it comes to our national passtime, the publisher simply hasn't had an opportunity in the market in several years thanks to MLB's exclusive third-party agreement with Take-Two's 2K Sports. That agreement is coming to an end in 2012, and since the MLB2K games have been underperforming, odds are 2K Sports won't seek a renewal. This, of course, opens the door for EA Sports and its once popular MVP Baseball franchise to return to the virtual diamond. (EA Sports, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

Tuxmask55  +   1294d ago
I wouldn't mind, though I'd rather they put their efforts behind a new NCAA basketball title.
donniebaseball  +   1294d ago
Oh man, that would be sweet. I loved MVP.
VoicesInMyHead  +   1294d ago
The Show's amazing, i dont care......now if EA had a good football game.......
AutoCad  +   1294d ago
The show is horrible...
Sure it works offline, but the online just makes the game unplayable..
dinkeldinkse  +   1294d ago
MVP was much better than the Show.
PHIBALNATION  +   1294d ago
The games on the show are skitted, there are about 20 hits total in the game, same ones over and over, gets boring fast.
AutoCad  +   1294d ago
Hopefully, i havent played a good baseball game since MVP.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   1294d ago
this is bull.

2k bought the mlb license because EA bought all the licenses to keep anyone from making a licensed football game but them.the difference "IS" is that 2k bought the mlb license to allow ANYONE to make a baseball game.INCLUDING EA.EA even went after the nba license but the nba said no.

but it just so happens to be that sony makes the best baseball game this gen.but 2k is not stopping them from making the show.but EA WOULD STOP EVERYONE if they could.

so i laugh at them because 2k's basketball game destroyed nba live and elite.if EA would have locked that up,we would have nothing but madden type updates to all sports games with a monopoly.
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shiner  +   1294d ago
Not true.

2K bought the THIRD PARTY rights to make a game using MLB names and likenesses. Therefore preventing ANY third party developer from making an MLB game.

Sony is allowed to make The Show because it's studio is defined as "first party", it's owned by Sony and only develops games for Sony game systems.

EA or any other third party developer who wants to make an MLB game has to wait for 2K's licence to expire and then bid on it like everybody else.
nevin1  +   1294d ago
God I hope so.No MVP(MLB)wasn't orginally bad as MLB The Show 07 was good. But the show has been the EXACT same thing since. Alot of it has do with Baseball itself as there really much you can do.

I want to see what MVP will be like on current gen. I hope PS3 is the lead platform. At same time, EA sports has been horrible this gen. NBA Live has been flawed since its PS2 debut but Madden has been lacking since NFL 2K5 destroyed it in terms fan reaction. And I agree with people as I been a madden gamer up to that point. 2K5 was the better game and the last good football game.
thybrutalthrone  +   1294d ago
You guys must either A. Dont know anything about baseball and or B. Suck at The Show. Its realistically and visually the best baseball game ever made, not that MVP was bad but The Show takes the cake, the little things are what seperate The Show from all the competition. Pitching battles play out like they do in real life, you constantly have to be thinking one pitch ahead of your opponent its just the most unique and authentic baseball expierence. That being said Ithink everyone wants to see EA step up to the plate with a new MVP baseball installment but its no doubt its The Shows crown they need to steal.
dinkeldinkse  +   1294d ago
The Show is basically the same game since 07.
It's realistic, but still has stuff that isn't. Like a fielder being able to catch a throw on a steal attempt and simulataneously tag the runner. Or the fact that 98% of the hitters can hit a 98 MPH Fastball on a routine basis. If you can locate it, a 98 MPH would make you unhittable except against elite hitters.
shiner  +   1294d ago
I'll buy it as long as I'll be able to build, name and customize my own stadium like in MVP 2005. If not, forget it.
outlawlife  +   1294d ago
somebody needs to step up and make a truly fun baseball game....the ultra sim direction of new titles isn't all that fun

I play mlb2k with friends but other than playing with them I don't pick it up much

I also have the show, but don't have any friends who have it
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