EA Sports: MVP Baseball to Return?

EA Sports has been a leader in football and soccer, but when it comes to our national passtime, the publisher simply hasn't had an opportunity in the market in several years thanks to MLB's exclusive third-party agreement with Take-Two's 2K Sports. That agreement is coming to an end in 2012, and since the MLB2K games have been underperforming, odds are 2K Sports won't seek a renewal. This, of course, opens the door for EA Sports and its once popular MVP Baseball franchise to return to the virtual diamond.

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Tuxmask552256d ago

I wouldn't mind, though I'd rather they put their efforts behind a new NCAA basketball title.

donniebaseball2256d ago

Oh man, that would be sweet. I loved MVP.

VoicesInMyHead2256d ago

The Show's amazing, i dont if EA had a good football game.......

AutoCad2256d ago

The show is horrible...
Sure it works offline, but the online just makes the game unplayable..

dinkeldinkse2256d ago

MVP was much better than the Show.

olLANDSHARKlo2256d ago

The games on the show are skitted, there are about 20 hits total in the game, same ones over and over, gets boring fast.

AutoCad2256d ago

Hopefully, i havent played a good baseball game since MVP.

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The story is too old to be commented.