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Binary Domain Director Says Team Was 'Fed Up' With Yakuza Games

TGH Writes: "Today we managed to get to see Binary Domain behind closed doors at Gamescom 2011. After seeing some impressive footage and some incredible gameplay we got a chance to talk to one of the key members from the Binary Domain team. We were surprised with some answers that we found." (Binary Domain, gamescom 2011, PS3, Xbox 360, Yakuza, Yakuza 2, Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4)

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dangert12  +   1138d ago
='( but i need one and two
RandomGamer  +   1138d ago
How can you be fed up with the Yakuza games they are all phenomenal.
Forbidden_Darkness  +   1138d ago
Yes, but a developer making the same game over and over again must get repetetive as hell. It'll be a nice change for them with Binary Domain.
MidnytRain  +   1137d ago
I think you're right. It's good for everyone really. Doing the same series for long periods of time can cause the developer's interest and enthusiasm to diminish. We wouldn't want them getting sloppy.
DARK WITNESS  +   1138d ago
I am not going to say yakuza was good or bad, I personally didn't think much of them.. but I am glad they are taking the time to do something new.

I wish there were more new IP's this gen. I especially like anything with a sci-fy feel so I am really looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
MrDead  +   1138d ago
Come back to Yakuza when the PS4 is out then but plaese dont drop the series. I had no idea how much I would enjoy Yakuza but it is now one of my most loved franchises.

I've finished 3 & 4 about 4 times each now but with each playthrough I'm finding huge amounts of content that I missed on previous games, it never fails to surprise and entertain.

I highly recomend this series to everyone even if your like me and not a fan of beat 'em ups, it's all out fun with fantastic stories that never seem to tire.
Cloudberry  +   1138d ago
I'm sure Yakuza would be back later.
But I gotta agree for the Yakuza team to take a break for a while.

As much as I wanted them to make the same game - sequels after sequels, new IPs are welcomed by me.
tiffac  +   1138d ago
Don't worry Kiryu and Haruka will be back. These guys don't call themselves Yakuza team for nothing.

They're just doing what the Persona team did. ;)
Alos88  +   1138d ago
Judging by how generic it looks, they'll get bored of Binary Domain far faster.
doctorstrange  +   1138d ago
Fair enough
I'd find spending years on one game hard as it is
LeShin  +   1138d ago
Have to admit, the Yakuza series is probably one of two open world games I don't ever get bored in!!! On top of that their stories and characters are fantastic and you really feel for them as you progress. Don't know how those guys in that team do it!
FanOfGaming  +   1138d ago
Never got into Yakuza
tarbis  +   1137d ago
Well, it's good that developers make new IPs. This way they can broaden their imaginations, and try something different.

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