New Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Action Figure Headed to UK

A new Play Arts Kai action figure based on the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker videogame is headed to stores in the UK this month. Featuring the protagonist of the videogame, Snake is brought to life as a high quality action figure presented in a window box.

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ATi_Elite1980d ago

action figures....but will it have the Kung Fu grip?

what happen to Metal Gear Solid risen? i see a December release date but haven't heard anything about it lately.

wonder will it have action figures too

FriedGoat1980d ago

I never did have a toy with Kung Fu Grip. :(

ATi_Elite1979d ago

Ah man how sad! you should sue your parents for......something IDK! every kid should have an action figure with the Kung Fu grip!

Go get an old school G.I. Joe action figure off of eBay and fulfill your childhood! LOL :)

tarbis1980d ago

The figurine looks really cool. O_O

MasterD9191980d ago

Will it have a cardboard box disguise included?

cpayne931980d ago

How about a banana handgun?