Battlefield 3 is about taking market share - Moore

Call of Duty once again is expected to generate massive revenue this holiday season and possibly outsell all other games. EA has made it abundantly clear that it wants to wrestle away a chunk of that shooter market from Activision. The war of words at times has gotten ugly, but you can be sure EA's not backing down. EA COO Peter Moore fully expects Battlefield 3 to take some sales away from Modern Warfare 3.

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Sinner101GR2501d ago

Im hoping for more than that.

Chocoboh2501d ago

We're all hoping for that to happen. Maybe it will send a message to Activision so they can stop shipping out the same shit to make their investors happy and maybe for a change make their customers happy.

smt302501d ago

CoD players are retarded and don't see anything wrong with the game.

StanLee2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Execs at EA must be high as hell. Anyway, I think more than anything, the Call of Duty community are aware of Call of Duty's short comings but it doesn't take away from the fact that the came is accessible and fun. Battlefield isn't very accessible. It rewards those who invest the time and work collectively. Call of Duty allows gamers to easily jump in have 30 minutes of fun and be competitive. The problem with EA's prediction is that, Battlefield appeals to the core FPS gamer and they'll play both Call of Duty and Battlefield. To take share aware from Call of Duty you have to appeal to the casual gamer and Battlefield just doesn't. 20% share would mean 4 million gamers. That's not happening. Anyone who expects Call of Duty's sales to drop are the same naive minority who actually thought Modern Warfare 2 was the franchise's peak and Black Ops shattered the records that game set.

gcolley2500d ago

@stanlee. it doesn't take much for the flavor of the month to switch in a school playground. CoD is old news to these kids and BF3 will benefit greatly from word or mouth once the game is out. meanwhile MW3 will look and play the same as the last 3. a lot of these sales go by what is considered cool. kids tend to play what their friends are playing.

BF is accessible, i don't really understand that statement. when they are considered to both be very similar in gameplay with the BF series giving players the CoD experience plus vehicles and destruction.

this is why i have never bothered with CoD in the first place. BF2->BFBC1->1943->BFB C2. there is an evolution there

StanLatMarveldotCom2500d ago

@ gcolley

What planet are you on?! There more people online play World at War on XBox Live (about 10K) than they are playing Battlefield Bad Company (about 6K) and World at War is the least played game in the franchise. There were 700K playing Black Ops last night. It's clear people on the internet aren't actually playing games. I play Battlefield, I play Call of Duty, I play Halo and Battlefield by far has the small combined community on XBox Live.

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MostJadedGamer2501d ago

I think EA is being very conservative with that estimate. I expect a absolutely massive drop in COD sales.

Thatguy-3102501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Hopefully more but Activision have themselves to blame for screwing over their customers over and over... I mean look at how fast they're releasing dlcO.o most of they released could have easily made it to the final game..But dumb Consumers just eat it up !!! Which is quite frustrating

cyborg69712501d ago

I hope for more as well. They have my money.

Solidus187-SCMilk2500d ago

lol only 20%? they will be lucky to steal that much, but I thought they were going to take them down after all this talk, not just try and take "20%."

Either way, COD players dont give a crap about playign a good FPS, that isnt why they play COD. They want easy kill where if they camp long enough and press left on the d pad an AI copter comes and gets them 20 kills. battlefield wont even get 20% of the COD base untill they add stuff that get kills for you easy.

gcolley2500d ago

by "all this talk" you mean the idiotic media. you do know the media selects what to print and only prints attention getting quotes? don't be part of the mindless masses

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donniebaseball2501d ago

It sure would be a punch to Activision's gut if BF3 somehow came close to even matching MW3 this holiday.

Jack_DangerousIy2501d ago

You know, even though deep down we all know BF3 won't 'win'. I think that BF3 will hurt them enough to make them step up and really change their game(of course I'm assuming that MW3 won't be any better).

I just want to fly my first jet..

Can't wait! Two months...(basically)

NatureOfLogic2501d ago

Ace Combat for jet action. :)


It's off-topic but don't be surprised if Ace Combat Assault Horizon isn't that good. Specially story wise. It's practically a sequel of Joint Assault, it's not supposed to be Ace Combat 7.

latinalover2500d ago

i wonder you can eject from the jet because i want to eject from the jet before crushing it to the soldiers or tank.

SuperKing2501d ago

I doubt it. Not putting in split-screen is a major blow to BF3. One of the reasons why COD is so popular is split-screen multiplayer with upto 4 players locally and co-op too. This is why COD is so popular on consoles and why BF3 will barely even take a bite out of it.

Pandamobile2501d ago

You say that as if console gamers only care about split screen.

donniebaseball2501d ago

Some do. Remember GoldenEye?

Pandamobile2501d ago

Well that was back before you could even hook your console into the internet.

It's 2011, dude. Yah, split-screen with your friends is fun, but you're most likely going to be playing that game online with your friends these days.

SuperKing2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Be realistic. BF3 will only take a sizable chunk of the PC players and a small minority of console gamers. MW3 will walk all over this.

And yes, offline multiplayer is ONE damn important feature for console games. Anyone that says otherwise is either an idiot or a PC fanboy. And you do know that only a fraction of gamers play COD games online right? BLOP sold around 25 million copies life-time to date but it's online community peaks at around 1-2 million players on consoles. That's a damn small fraction. The rest of these guys are probably playing 4 player split-screen for all you know.

Offline multiplayer sells. Which is why I'm buying MW3 first, and maybe BF3 when it hits the bargain bin.

[email protected]: Console gaming is synonymous with couch gaming. This has always been a strong selling point for consoles and will always will be. What will happen when EA abolishes your precious BF3 servers? Hell I haven't even seen Activision do that to any of the COD titles on consoles but even if they did offline multiplayer will always remain. That why COD games are best value for money. Halo knows this too and that's why it sells sh!t-tons.

biRdy2501d ago (Edited 2501d ago )

Split-screen is fun if you have friends that come over(not saying you dont have any) Im just saying not everyone is going to play multiplayer online all the time, though COD has splitscreen its still not as good as Gears and Halo.

Funky Town_TX2501d ago

That is a feature that adds options to a game. I cannot imagine Halo without ths feature. I'm more excited for BF3 but I'm thinking of getting both.

latinalover2500d ago

i dont care about spill screen. i have the PS3

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biRdy2501d ago

I don't know, though I'm not really a COD or Battlefield fan, EA sure is "Predicting" a lot of things.

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